As PlayStation 5 sales soar, Sony crosses 500 million home consoles sold

With the latest PS5 sales update, Sony has now sold over 500 million home consoles - and as with many big number stats, there's a whole lot of historical data to unpack here.

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IamTylerDurden1147d ago

Then why did i buy a 500 mil PS4 last gen?

SullysCigar147d ago

They must have included handhelds back then, where this figure is only home consoles. Massive achievement, so hopefully we'll get a special edition commemorative PS5 too! (But I bet we don't!)

Hofstaderman147d ago

Based on your inflated downvotes somebody’s mom got nailed by Sony.

NotoriousWhiz146d ago

This is correct. The article points out the 500 million PS4 was for 500 million "Playstation systems" being sold. So yes, it definitely included the PSP/Vita.

XiNatsuDragnel147d ago

Oh boy smokes, 500 mill congrats Sony.

HeliosHex147d ago

Holy mother of pearl. That's unheard of. Half way to 1billion. Insanity!

Solitariussaint147d ago

A crowning accomplishment, either way I have my 500 million PS4! Congratulations, may the good times continue to roll!

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