Honkai Star Rail gets 20 million downloads in a single day, smashing Genshin Impact's launch

The early numbers are in, and it looks like Honkai: Star Rail is a bigger success at launch for developer Mihoyo than its previous hit Genshin Impact.

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150d ago
SDuck150d ago

And how many uninstalls? I know I'm one, gameplay was repetitive on a non fun way

adamwparker150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Isn't this success BECAUSE OF Genshin Impact though?

Honkai 3rd Strike was hardly the beast of a game prior to Genshin(as Genshin became).

Genshin Impact built fanbase up over years to have all of these people interested in Star Rail.

chaos999150d ago

Played over 3 hours and the game constantly gives you tools that reminds you have to pay to have more out of the experience. It's a very AAA game. Tons of cutscenes and well acted but I feel I have half of the experience without paying

nitus10150d ago

Personally I have played many hours of Genshin Impact and enjoyed it, however the bigest turn off (at least for me) was the push/hint of paying real money for extra features so eventully I just quit the game. I have not played Honkai Star Rail but I get the feeling that it won't be that much different in trying to get you to pay real money.

luckytrouble150d ago

I don't get this. I've already put in a kind of stupid number of hours just exploring the first location top to bottom before breaking into the game proper. So far I've been given plenty of material to level characters, I've smashed every difficult enemy encounter, I've pulled a few characters, I've accrued a surprising number of the more premium pull currency, I've received plenty of ascension materials, and none of this with even a penny spent. Heck they only even show you the pull system once, don't go "hey here's our real money store by the way", and leave you to experience the game.

Will you eventually get to content you need more developed characters for with high volume free tickets largely exhausted? Sure. It's a f2p gacha game. Having played the likes of the infamous Raid Shadow Legends though, the monetization push in this game all but doesn't exist by comparison.

Lionsguard149d ago

I enjoy Genshin but I do not like Star Rail's aesthetics.

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Kaii16h ago

I didn't mind Genshin, I returned every so often to do the free events/games (with a multiplayer aspect).
But I also limit my spending and only spew resources on units that powerhouse at c3/6.

What was annoying In Genshin for me was the amount of dialogue, holy fudgeballs.

SDuck15h ago

Had to quit the game for the amount of dialogue. They go on and on about nothing, often even using words I don't recognize (and I consider myself fluent in english despite being a 2nd language). I would rather have small events with to the point cutscenes over the amount of dialogue they throw at us. That event where the teddy bear from the 4* chinese girl being a God was the last straw for me.

blackblades8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

I stopped playing genshin maybe in Jan its more of long break like I do with normal games. I'll probably get back on it one day I'll have alot to get through. Sucks that i missed the events. Also yeah the dialog and piemon talking to dam much I usually skip through like I dont most games these days.

SDuck15h ago

It's Genshin Impact's dev. I think that says it all.
Even though I quit Genshin and HSR didn't interest me as much as I thought it would, I can't wait for this ZZZ game. Looks awesome and the characters are actually unique instead of being copy pasted designs with preset body builds like the previous games


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