All These Remakes Could Kickstart A Single-Player Golden Age

There's been a whole lot of remakes lately. So, what comes next?

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locomorales149d ago

Single player games are doing well as always. Just MP games got better last decade or so.

IamTylerDurden1149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

SP is dead according to Phillip John Michael Spencer III circa 2017. Funny thing that HZD, GoW 2018, Spider-Man, and Ragnarök all hit/will hot 20+ mil after he said that. All SP games from your biggest rival. Has XB ever hit 20m? in 20+ years? Maybe Halo 15-20 years ago? But Phil knows best...

TheProfessional148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

All of those games are great but most of them are definitely overrated with bloated campaigns, easily an extra 10-15 hours of tedious puzzles and walking sequences with banal exposition that could've been trimmed down. Not everything needs to be 30+ hours. And any of them would've been even better with some kind of multiplayer, even if it was a seperate mode. Tsushima did that right.

IamTylerDurden1148d ago

That's most AAA games nowadays bruh.

The only overrated convo of the bunch i could even entertain is maybe......HZD and Spidey? Like a couple points? HZD had flaws, Forbidden West is a better game. But God of War was masterful. Both Rag and 2018. Perhaps enemy/boss variety was an issue in 2018 but that game is certified. The combat, visuals, story, acting, direction were on point. I liked 2018 more than Rag. Rag's main flaw was being overdeveloped and at times bloated but the highest quality title since THE LAST OF US II.

Yeah, TLOU2 is the highest quality game i have ever played. F*ck a like, screw what the internet says, TLOU2 in 2020 put other devs to shame. Daring, brave, benchmark quality game that elevated the genre.

-Foxtrot149d ago

I just want remakes of old dormant IPs which will kickstart their revivals

Legend of Dragoon
Syphon Filter
Lost Odyssey
Resistance Fall of Man

So on

shinoff2183149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I'm all for more single player games. Keep them coming. More new ips, remakes whatever.

Lead those multilayer games to the trash. All those multi-player games that came out that could've made dope single player games out of , Ghostbusters, evil dead, the killer clown from outer space could've made a good single player game. These will fail and now someone will be afraid to touch the ip due to it failing.

148d ago
TheProfessional148d ago

Those are all "asymmetrical" which is why they're trash. If they were normal games they would be better.


"Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways" Review \\ paulsemel

This short but sweet add-on makes this survival horror shooter even better (and different).

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rpad3d ago

is it true that Journey's "Separate Ways" is looped in the background for the entire DLC?

beerhound3d ago

Yes, but it's the version Slayer did for the "Less Than Zero" soundtrack.

VersusDMC2d ago

It is great so far. Well worth the 10 bucks.

Levii_922d ago

The whole RE4 Remake pacakge is beyond godlike now. The game is so sick and filled with sooo much content and the game was already very meaty on that front, i can't believe this DLC is only 10 bucks i mean truly amazing job by Capcom here and the mercenaries mode is just STUPID how fun and great it is. This my game of year easily.


Fear Fest Horror Game Awards 2023 has just announced its winners

"Feardemic are today very thrilled & proud to announce the winners (yes, "Resident Evil 4 Remake" is on the list) of its Fear Fest Horror Game Awards 2023 event." - Feardemic.

roadkillers14d ago

Either REmake4 or Dead Space deserved it.

TGG_overlord14d ago

Well...Life is far from fair...

roadkillers14d ago

Well, REmake4 won so... it was fair today :)


Every Resident Evil game Leon is featured in, ranked

GF365: "The iconic survival horror franchise Resident Evil boasts a great number of popular and memorable characters. Arguably, Leon S. Kennedy is the most popular and recognizable character aside from Jill Valentine. In this article, we'll be counting down every Resident Evil game Leon is featured in, ranked."

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Babadook722d ago

Yeah I figured it would be ordered like this. For me Leons best game was his debut. RE2.