Marvel's Midnight Suns director "totally gets" the backlash around its card battles

RPS talks to Marvel's Midnight Suns director Jake Solomon about how he reacted to the public negativity around its card based battle system.

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Huey_My_D_Long418d ago

Honestly game was a real pleasant surpise. I dont even like marvel like that, but I loved the gameplay. Really fun and addicting, sad to see the game just didnt do well.

SurgicalMenace418d ago

Yeah over 100 hours of play from me and I enjoyed every minute. Hope it gets the support that it deserves.

CrimsonWing69418d ago

I really loved it. It sucks it didn’t do well.

I actually want a sequel badly.

MasterChief3624418d ago

Did it inspire you to get more into Marvel at all? I know when I played Ultimate Alliance 3, I wasn't that into Marvel, but I enjoyed the heck out of it. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up seeking out lots of Marvel comics that the movies didn't touch on much yet! I was wondering if something similar happened for you after playing and falling in love with this one?

shinoff2183418d ago

I'm still looking forward to it. I have yet to buy I but I do plan to. I'm a huge xcom fan and I feel this will hit the spot. Card base battles is a bit of a turn off but I feel they could pull it off.

hotnickles418d ago

It was great until the DLC trophies bugged out and they never fixed it. I beat the game twice and then they wanted me to beat it another 4 times for the dlc trophies. That was pretty lame and I moved on.

shinoff2183418d ago

Maybe I should wait till dlc is done then lol. Damn

hotnickles418d ago

Yeah it’s a great game though it’s just that one issue. The dlc characters are thrown in the middle of the story and if you have already beat the game the trophies won’t unlock. You have start a new game for each dlc character lol. That’s not fun after you spend a ton of time building your decks.

The price tanked like 2 months after launch. It was bad. Wait for the last dlc and then get the complete version for 20 bucks. I recommend it. I will probably play it again someday with all of the dlc.

InUrFoxHole418d ago

Waiting for the right sales price for this one.

Bigninja418d ago

Imagine X-Com 2, with Marvel characters and powers.

Yeah, would have rather had that

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Fallout 1 and 2 won’t be getting remade, Todd Howard says

The series producer says the priority is making sure the originals remain playable…

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Microsoft shakes up Xbox marketing as key exec departs for Roblox

Jerret West is leaving Xbox at the end of the month.

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TOTSUKO1d 12h ago

Won’t be missed. Xbox sucks at marketing in this industry. This is badly needed.

jznrpg1d 11h ago

I see Xbox stuff everywhere. On cereal boxes, toasters and fridges.. Xbox just sucks.

Scissorman1d 11h ago

This. Marketing isn't the issue. He's just fleeing the sinking ship.

1d 10h ago
DivineHand1251d 10h ago (Edited 1d 10h ago )

Unfortunately, Xbox has not done great with marketing this generation. One thing I found odd is that he is leaving Xbox for Roblox. I'm not sure how big Roblox is in comparison to Xbox but I can't imagine him getting better compensation from there. Perhaps he was forced out?

fr0sty1d 9h ago

It's simple, Roblox is profitable.

DivineHand1251d 9h ago

@fr0sty Would you leave your place of employment to work somewhere else for less pay just because that business is profitable?

You would have to be a special person to be ok with that.

zaanan1d 8h ago

That, or he is pulling an Elop.

DarXyde1d 1h ago


Not really. I don't know how much experience you have with working or how far along into your career you are, but profitability does offer an indication of how sustainable your job is. The company that is not profitable (or less profitable) is probably exploring options to cut costs, including axing jobs (we see Microsoft closing studios and really downsizing physical media operations. Valid concern in my opinion).

I doubt that's the only factor at play here and it could be any myriad of reasons why he's out: cut in compensation, not liking the direction of the company, toxic work culture, etc.

Either way, I can see a case for people leaving a job that pays better with less profitability. If you're in the marketing department and your brand isn't doing that great despite your best efforts, you probably want to coast for a while at a more profitable company.

Not saying that's reality, but I can totally see a case for that.

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Tedakin1d 7h ago

Xbox marketing has mostly been trash for a decade. Shake it up as much as you can.

RhinoGamer881d 7h ago

Marketing is not the issue at XBOX. Production and its leadership have screwed up royally. XBOX studios, wth are you doing managing these developers?!

XBManiac1d 4h ago

It is both and all... the best console with the most expensive invest in marketing and the "best" developers and the best online service with the best servers... but... well... also, the worst console with a bad invest in marketing and competition using Microsoft servers for their online services and... What is Xbox now, a console, a service, a platform, a brand, a dead project? This is a marketing problem, maybe.

XBManiac1d 4h ago

The problem is not the marketing, but how you invest the money in marketing. If you invest far more than the competition and receive less... the problem is the one in charge, isn't it? Well... Phil Spencer was a marketing guy, will he be the next? Unity are hiring... :)

DivineHand1251d ago

How do you know how much each company invest in marketing and what evidence do you have to indicate Sony spends less than Xbox?

XBManiac1d ago (Edited 1d ago )

Companies in the stock exchange have to publish their data. Make some research, it is for free.

DivineHand1251d ago

give me a dollar amount?