Activision Boasts Strong Diablo IV Preorders and Significant Revenue Growth Year-on-Year

Activision Blizzard has announced its quarterly financial results for the first quarter of 2023, which ended on March 31 as it prepares to launch Diablo IV.

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anast147d ago

Not going to lie, this makes me a bit sad. This game looks like Diablo 3: Gritty with a WoW live service scheme.

Si-Fly147d ago

You’ve not paid a lot of attention have you?

anast147d ago

I think this comment is for you, not so much for me.

HyperMoused145d ago

How about some constructive criticism or conversation on why you dont think the comment is correct, no, just be rude and move on, typical rude internet person with nothing to say, so edgy.

144d ago

Embracer Looking Into Alternatives to Layoffs, but There Will Be Further Studio Closures

Embracer Group is hosting its annual general meeting of shareholders, and CEO Lars Wingefors discussed the current restructuring and future initiatives to continue it.

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blackblades1d 14h ago

Damn more closures, they shouldnt have bought so much

Abriael1d 14h ago

Yeah they're like "lookie here, we own 100 studios" one hour before in the conference, and then "hey, but we'll close some"


An exclusive look at Total War Pharaoh Amenmesse, Egypt’s angriest son

Total War Pharaoh's Amenmesse isn't happy with his position in the south, and our exclusive hands-on look explains the challenges he'll have to overcome.

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At This Point, Bethesda Games Feel Incomplete Without Mods

No matter what changes, Bethesda games receiving quality mods that took them to new heights remained constant, and I couldn't be happier.

Jin_Sakai11h ago

Bethesda: Make a half ass game and let the modding community fix everything.

TheColbertinator5h ago

Bethesda needs modders to allow Starfield to reach its potential

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