Meta Posts Multi Billion Dollar Losses For Its Reality Labs Division

Meta has posted a 4 billion dollar loss in its Reality Labs division, responsible for its metaverse and VR gaming systems.

kingnick215d ago

I feel sorry for people who lose their jobs as Meta continues layoffs but at the same time I don't want to see the company get a foothold in gaming.

anast215d ago

That's insane. All that money and the graphics still looked like Farmville.

Deathdeliverer215d ago

All those meta rapes and abuse really scared people away 🤣. When someone has their virgin sensitive eyes and ears introduced to what gamers see and hear everyday it’s mind blowing. We see tea bagging and look for revenge. They see it as forced fellatio and look for authorities.


The League of Legends meta is “in flux,” Riot Brightmoon says

League of Legends has undergone some major changes in the past year, meaning its meta is more volatile than ever and, according to Riot, needs more work.

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Pokemon Is A Bigger Attention Hog Than Meta

Over the years, Pokemon has subtly become a part of our daily lives. Something that Meta desperately dreamed of but failed to achieve.

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Meta Quest 2 vs PSVR 2: Which Should You Buy?

The question on everybody's lips...Meta Quest 2 vs PSVR 2, which should you buy? Here we look at the pros and cons of both devices.

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Number1TailzFan282d ago

Not one mention of having the option of linking up your Quest 2 wirelessly or via cable to your PC. Funny how often I've seen that detail omitted, you also use your PC hardware to run demanding games, instead of the mobile chip in the headset.

SullysCigar281d ago

It's swings and roundabouts - no one ever mentions that you need to spend more than the cost of PS5 and PSVR2 combined on the PC alone to run those games, when they're moaning about the price of PSVR2. What's the point in running demanding games on Quest 2 anyway, when it feels like a scuba mask with a brick taped to it sitting on the bridge of your nose? I can do 30 mins max and I take it off to red marks on my face for the rest of the day.

Quest is great to keep the kids quiet, or for when you fancy quick mobile games on the go. A PC is a serious piece of equipment - treat it and yourself to an Index ($1500 for the full kit). Even then PSVR2 is the better headset, if we're being honest.

Neonridr281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

it's $999 USD for the Index kit, just as an FYI.

Number1TailzFan281d ago

Index is not worth the huge premium over Quest 2 dude, i think I'd trust a user over on OCUK forums who has tried different headsets first. Guy on there said Index has more glare, Quest 2 hardly any.

SullysCigar281d ago

^ I checked the price on Amazon right before I commented. The full kit (Index Headset, Base Stations, & Controllers) is listed as rrp $1,499 ($1,100 used). I'm not saying you can't find it cheaper.

And Tailz, I've tried 5 headsets. You don't want to hear it because it doesn't suit your preference. There is SO much sub-standard about Quest 2 now, which does have glare, but worse is its complete inability to produce black, that ot gets hot, that it's uncomfortable... take your pick.

As I said, it's not without strengths, but they're fewer in number as it ages. Wireless connection to PC is far from flawless or reliable. Even if it was, you'll be lucky to get an hour so out of it before the battery gives up, which is why I ended up tethering after the initial honeymoon period.

yeahokwhatever280d ago

playing my quest 2 for hours a day never makes me sore or leaves marks. thats just weird. quest 2 is a great headset and experience. my question is: why not both? thats what i did. :-)

SullysCigar280d ago

^ The only way that's true @Yeah, is if you also purchased an additional strap for another $50 to take the weight off your face/bridge of your nose. Everyone says the same, it's not like I've got a weird face lol

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JL2930281d ago

The Sony shills hopped right on this one.

F0XH0UND922280d ago

And yet we have salty, jealous haters like you as well lol

JL2930280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

Hater of what, loser? I don't worship plastic, I think all you fanboys are equally pathetic.

Neonridr281d ago

if you own a PS5 I'd go with the PS VR2. Even with the ability to plug a Quest 2 into your PC, the improvements in the PS VR2 headset itself when it comes to visual resolution, refresh rates, haptic feedback, foveated rendering and eye tracking far surpass what you will get from the Quest 2. Sure you get the bonus of wireless, which is perfectly adequate for some, but the loss in visual fidelity and complexity due to the mobile nature of the standalone headset means you sacrifice a bit too much compared to a tethered headset.

No doubt we will see a Quest 3 which will probably have most of these features we see now and some we might not even see, but at this point, I gotta lean towards the one with the most innovative features.

Vits281d ago

Very silly question. One is a standalone solution that can be hooked up to a computer if the user wants, and the other is an accessory that is only compatible with one particular video game console.

They appeal to different publics that want different things from their VR setups.

purple101281d ago

If you have a ps5. Not even a question.

If you don't,. Aks yourself, do you want a ps5 or thinking about saving up for one . Then also not a question.

If you like Facebook and cheap mobile type games.. then you go for quest. But who's scanning through n4g because they like cheap $1.99 mobile games. ? Haha

Orchard281d ago

Not really comparable, your purchasing decision will likely be driven by what platform you own. One works on PC and not on PS5, the other works on PS5 only.

Eonjay281d ago

If you are limited in cash and don't have a VR ready PC and don't have a PS5 then you are either saving or you are stuck with the Quest.

If you have a rocking PC and money for a headset I would say the Quest unless you can shell out for a better headset

If you have a PS5 the PSVR 2 for sure as it's top of the line and cheaper than any other high class headset

If you just want to get high quality for the best price get the PS5 and PSVR 2.

If you are an enthusiast get everything lol.

Bonus:. If the PSVR 2 get PC support then it's all over everyone but the most financial strapped should get PSVR 2.