Nintendo Switch isn't "technically capable" of running Call of Duty well, CMA argues

The Competition and Markets Authority in the UK says it has "seen no evidence" to suggest that Call of Duty can run well on Nintendo Switch.

On April 26, the CMA blocked Microsoft's purchase of Activision Blizzard and published its final report on the acquisition. In its findings, the CMA discussed Microsoft's deal to put Call of Duty on Nintendo consoles for 10 years - once again reiterating everyone's concerns about how well the FPS game would actually run on the Nintendo Switch.

In the final report (opens in new tab), the CMA writes: "CoD is currently available on two gaming consoles – Xbox and PlayStation. We found that these consoles compete closely with each other in terms of content, target audience, and console technology."

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Christopher147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

No no no. Microsoft said they could do it and with parity to the consoles. If they say it can be done, it obviously can, even though ABK hasn't seen any point in investing in getting CoD onto the Switch at all.

Receipts on that parity comment from MS:

porkChop147d ago

MS never said they would bring the games to the Switch. They said they would bring COD to "Nintendo gamers". Your own link confirms that.

-Foxtrot147d ago

This is literally turning it into a "get out of jail free" card...

You know what they really meant

porkChop147d ago

If they meant the Switch they would have said the Switch. They can't talk about a system that Nintendo hasn't even announced yet. You also don't sign a 10-year agreement for a system that will be replaced by the time you even release the game. It's like common sense doesn't exist on this site.

Christopher147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

So, what other Nintendo platform will exist at the end of this year? You mean streaming, which isn't parity? I'm just saying what Microsoft was claiming and that any of us knows was just saying what they could to make the deal happen.

***It's like common sense doesn't exist on this site. ***

It's common sense that Microsoft would reveal new Nintendo hardware being released this year through this agreement and trust that it would maintain parity, though.

Oh, and just so you know, they literally discussed the Switch.

EverydayJoe147d ago

Probably port the horrible Vita game to Switch

S2Killinit147d ago

Thats the thing with MS, everything they say is a play on words.

jznrpg147d ago

Oh they meant gameboy color

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-Foxtrot147d ago

I hope they realise that it needs to be 100% parity

It needs to run the same, look the same and play the same

No cheap shortcuts, downloading big parts of the game to run it or cloud magic, it needs to be exactly like the PS and MS versions.

The funny part is, with how awful the online is on the Switch and the complete faff you've got to go through to get a online chat going, it's not really going to be the same is it.

GotGame818147d ago

Fortnight doesn't look the same on Switch vs Series X and PS5. Switch doesn't support 4k or Unreal Engine 5. It does run @ 60fps, which is most important. It could run on Switch. Just played Black Ops 2, and that ran on PS360.

343_Guilty_Spark147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Christopher did you read your own link? It said Nintendo consoles with no reference to the switch.

Also CMA conveniently ignored the possibility of streaming COD, if even for just the multiplayer.

Christopher146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

What other Nintendo platform is there coming in 2023 since it would start in 2023?

rippermcrip146d ago

Can you read? "The Activision development team have a long history of optimizing game performance for available hardware capabilities. The Parties are confident that in addition to Warzone, CoD buy-to-play titles (e.g., CoD: Modern Warfare 2) can be optimised to run on the Nintendo Switch in a timely manner...."

Profchaos147d ago

Look at the Wii it's cod games were technically feature parity by be end of its run mw3 got everything that ps360 owner had outside of DLC.

We know switch isn't graphically up to snuff for mw2 today but you could scale it down to switch with some platform optimisation.

However we also have many strong indicators that we should expect new Nintendo hardware this year or next which will be more equipped to handle it (even if it will be underpowered again)

neutralgamer1992147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

fact is MS can't win the appeal against CMA. People may think appeal will go in front of a judge but in CMA's case it's different. Appeal will be handeled by CMA itself so if they block it now what makes anyone think they will all of the suddent over turn their own decision.

Also CMA's decision may play some role into what EU decides. I know to fanboys it's hard to believe but CMA has a very different process of investigation. They actually get independent opinions from all types of people (those experts in cloud based tech, those on console gaming and everything in between. That's why this decision is very serious

MS will have to pay 3 billion dollars to ABK and walk away from this deal. Even US media covering business have started to say that now. IMO no one should be allowed to buy a publisher. Leave these publishers alone and buy/support independnt devs who could benefit from extra support and resources

it favors none of us that there is one or two companies buying up publishers. MS and sony both have proven with their records they only care about themselves. Words don't mean a thing. If ms actually cared about gaming they would have released bethesda games on playstation because i believe their own actions will stand in their way of future acqusitions

EU will announce their decision next month and FTC has already stated their decision

again this shouldn't be about console wars or fanboys

please stop buying or trying to buy publishers and spend that money elsewhere. MS owns 24 studios how about spend time and effort to manage them and get your house in order

343_Guilty_Spark147d ago

ABK will assuredly have a great working relationship with Sony after this.

ABK could also sell portions of its studios to MSFT

MSFT doesn’t have to get all of ABK just pieces.

MSFT could also decide certain games due to regulatory requirements simply won’t appear in the UK.

Idk why you think this is over.

neutralgamer1992147d ago


ABK will assuredly have a great working relationship with Sony after this

what does sony have to do with CMA blocking this due to future of cloud gaming? and not sure why you think that when they make most of their money from playstation
ABK could also sell portions of its studios to MSFT

it will still have to go through due process. I think MS don't care as much about this deal now TBH. They are trying to save face and find a way not to pay 3 billion
MSFT doesn’t have to get all of ABK just pieces

They were asked about possibly splitting up this deal and they said no already
MSFT could also decide certain games due to regulatory requirements simply won’t appear in the UK

Not certain but all of their games related to this deal and that's not even an option. EU and FTC still haven't said ok to this deal

Idk why you think this is over

I don't know if it's over or not but i hope this gives others a pause and reflect on what this deal could mean for gaming in general. I have no horse in this race business wise (as a gamer i want all console makers to stay away from buying up publishers)

porkChop147d ago

"what makes anyone think they will all of the suddent over turn their own decision."

They probably won't. It's possible but unlikely. The only thing I can think of that might change their mind would be if MS offered to not put COD on Xbox Cloud Gaming in the UK. MS would still have to honour all the 10-year agreements they signed for other cloud services, Nintendo, etc. Even then the CMA might just find another reason to reject it anyway.

Neonridr146d ago

who said it wouldn't be on the Switch successor that will release within the next year or so?

sadraiden146d ago

It's not like companies lie right? Why would a company potentially shoot themselves in the foot by saying "yeah, no, we aren't skilled enough to develop our game for the Switch"?

The reason why they haven't provided a committal answer to "why is there no CoD on Switch" is because they have nothing to gain by saying it can't, and everything to lost by committing to a "Yes" and then the game performing poorly.

crazyCoconuts146d ago

Kudos for CMA seeing past that ruse

Zeref146d ago

It would obviously be through cloud

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porkChop147d ago

It wouldn't be for the Switch. It would be running on the next system that's launching next year. Regardless, the CMA is made up of people who don't understand game development. How would they know whether something can run or not? They've gotten both COD Mobile and COD Warzone running on phones that have dozens of apps running in the background sucking up resources.

Jin_Sakai147d ago

“Regardless, the CMA is made up of people who don't understand game development.”

And Microsoft is made up of people who want to take over the gaming industry.

porkChop147d ago

Every publisher in gaming wants to be number 1. Every major player in every industry wants to be top dog. How is that relevant to the CMA literally not understanding game development? They proposed MS buy ABK but sell the COD IP to someone else, without understanding why another publisher can't just suddenly take the IP and continue outputting the exact same games. Making a competitor is one thing, making the same game is another.

Jin_Sakai147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

“Every publisher in gaming wants to be number 1. Every major player in every industry wants to be top dog.“

But every major player doesn’t have a war chest at their disposal either.

Microsoft already has many more studios than Sony and they should focus on getting those studios in order and get some games out the door.

343_Guilty_Spark147d ago

Sony doesn’t want to take over gaming?

tay8701147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

I'll do you one better. MS is made up of people that are incompetent and can't get their own affairs in order. You really want them responsible for the quality of one of gamings biggest ips? I don't like COD, but fans of it should be breathing a sigh of relief right now.

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shinoff2183147d ago

Do you know no one at the class knows game development.

SoulWarrior147d ago

Given MS' recent track record I don't think they understand game development either...