Kingdom Hearts 4 Should Harken Back to the Series' Old-School Level Design

Kingdom Hearts 4 should start off the newest saga by returning to the metroidvania-adjacent design philosophy in the platforming of the original.

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Lore145d ago

THANK YOU. Someone speaking some common sense finally. KH 1 and 2 flourished for this reason. Combat was fine as well so tired of the “hardcore” fans saying it was too “button mashy.” It worked


If Clive Appears in Kingdom Hearts 4, Square Enix Has to Get One Thing Right

Square Enix has taken some liberties with Final Fantasy characters appearing in Kingdom Hearts in the past, but Clive needs to keep some consistency.

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ThichQuangDuck46d ago

Clive wouldn't even make sense in Kingdom Hearts bro darker than dark

LG_Fox_Brazil46d ago

To be fair they could use his younger version or tone down his character a bit like Auron in Kingdom Hearts 2

ThichQuangDuck46d ago

Thats fair I get wanting to see more Clive but after the ending we saw I don't know if KH4 is the best way to do so

GoodGuy0946d ago (Edited 46d ago )

It'd be great to have any FF characters at all. They made us pay for dlc to get them in 3 lol.

lucian22946d ago

If they add Clive they better have him do some crazy battles lmao. Probably make him be a boss battle, blank out and attack the party

Terry_B46d ago

Didnt they separate FF from KH?

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Kingdom Hearts 4 Could Learn from Final Fantasy 16’s Limit Break

Game Rant Writes "Kingdom Hearts 4 could take a note from Final Fantasy 16 when it comes to activating the heavy damaging second forms throughout combat encounters."

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Ataraxias63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

No, it's pretty mid. The limit break form itself doesn't do a whole lot in actual combat. It's main use is to regain a bit of hp and add a damage buff for the eikon abilities. It's got way less actual function than KH2 forms.

Shalnark63d ago

KH4 should learn NOTHING from this travesty of a game , leave Kingdom hearts to Nomura and stop talking about FF16

Shalnark63d ago

it was trash and that blame falls on SE for mentally messing with Nomura and pressuring the guy to not express his creative freedom , the guy had a lot on his plate to deal with leading Versus until it got cucked and canceled by SE and that led to him rushing KH3 development, he was super busy with FF7 remake too while making KH3 .. Nomura had rough years and he have to deal with SE arrogance canceling his projects

Adrian_v0162d ago

You mean the same guy who thought about turning versus xiii into a musical?

AdonisIsBeast63d ago

Kingdom Hearts should go back to its roots from KH 1 and 2 and bring back “grounded” gameplay and platforming with a solid balanced progression system. Rewarding surprises and side activities. Final Fantasy characters being part of the story as well.

GhostScholar63d ago

I’m probably alone but I’d love to see kingdom hearts go turn based

CrimsonWing6963d ago

Not alone, I’d actually get into KH if that were the case.

Angyobangyo63d ago

KH could also learn to have a coherent story that isn't a jumbled mess.

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How Strelitzia Went From a Spin-Off to Starring as Kingdom Hearts 4's Quadratum Guide

Strelitzia appears to greet Sora at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 4, but one wonders how this minor character found a major new role.

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