PlayStation Acquires Another Studio, But Are Its First-Party Titles Better Than Xbox?

With Sony’s acquisition of Firewalk Studios, the Beyond crew breaks down the long list of AAA-games the 20+ game studios have under its belts. Xbox and PlayStation are neck and neck in regards to the amount of studios each own, and the crew goes over the top 5 studios from each and some of each’s top video game titles. Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC is out now, so the topic is: Is Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores too hot to handle? And with a Horizon 3 game somewhere on the horizon, what’re some of the improvements gamers would like to see in the sequel? A retrospective look at the God of War game release, Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s file size is massive, and the crew reminiscences on the classic PlayStation memory card screens. This and more on Beyond! - with Jada Griffin, Akeem Lawanson, and Mark Medina rounding out the episode.

Jin_Sakai159d ago

PlayStation first party studios are hands down better than Xbox.

S2Killinit158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

The person asking the question must be new to earth.

Maybe, hopefully, IF the acquisition does not happen, MS can do what they were supposed to have done all these generations and spends that money on developing their OWN studios, and actually ADD something to gaming instead of taking away from gamers! I know, its a wild idea.

Ninver158d ago

Also the output is far more consistent.

REDDURT158d ago

It’s the only consideration in software. It’s coming soon but never comes does not work.

Ninver158d ago


what? I understood nothing of what you just spouted.

closed_account158d ago

@Ninver some AI Chatbots work better than others! 🤷😂

TheProfessional158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Their first party studios are great but the lack of multiplayer isn't, not everyone wants only 20+ hour "narrative" games with tons of walking sequences/exposition.

hiawa23158d ago

I love the SP story driven games.

NotoriousWhiz158d ago

The best multi-player games are 3rd party anyway. (Except for nintendo's)

tay8701158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Hands down sonys studios are better. Sonys top 5 are unmatched by MS. MS has no answers to sony studios like naughty dog, Sony Santa Monica, guerilla, sucker punch, and insomniac. Yes Sony is limited in the MP dept though. That has changed over the last couple yrs. They now own bungie who is better than Every MP studio that MS owns. With the recent additions of the likes of bungie, firewalk, firesprite, and haven things are certainly looking better, but they have a ways to go. I also anticipate they will be buying deviation games soon too. Plus the number of devs working in several of their studios have swelled so they can now broaden the scope of what kinds/number of games they make. Firesprite who they recently aquired have a 1000 devs, naughty dog is now at 750 and insomniac is now over 500. Not sure exactly.how large bungie is, but they are working on at least 3 projects right now.

shinoff2183158d ago

There's plenty of online multi-player games out there. Plus they've already stated they are making some. You'll be alright. I personally prefer single player so I'd be cool with no multi-player

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StarkR3ality158d ago

Yeah I sometimes come to the defence of Xbox in some articles that are just being outright cruel, but to even compare Sony's and Xbox's first party output is a bit stupid.

Playstation shits all over Xbox with only the one exception in their Forza series Vs Gran turismo. I prefer Forza but that changes depending on who you ask of course.

Bathyj158d ago

That's your right. Ain't gonna argue as I haven't played Forza since 360.

I will say VR is a game changer. Literally and no hyperbole. At least try that before you decide.

blackblades158d ago

If only drive club had a sequel or 2

REDDURT158d ago

I own a ps4 and Xbox series x . There is no argument for Xbox. I just like the concept of gamepass when they do release ga es i at least get to play them.

RauLeCreuset158d ago

Microsoft agrees. They kindly paid $3 billion to tell us that.

Obscure_Observer158d ago

"PlayStation first party studios are hands down better than Xbox."

Obviously not all of them. Specially most of the recently acquired and unproved studios.

Whether Sony will make AAA studios out of it like MS is doing with it´s once indie and smaller studios like Ninja Theory, Undead Labs, Compulsion, Obsidian and InXile, remains to be seen.

We´ll find out soon enough in June´s Playstation Showcase and Xbox/Bethesda Showcase.

Deathdeliverer158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

@ Obscure

PlayStation showcases are updates from everywhere in the PlayStation eco system. Indies, 3rd party like resident evil and street fighter, and so on. Literally updates and did you knows.
Microsoft/Bethesda need you to get excited about SOMETHING. That’s a totally different vibe and show compared to a system where people are already excited. Different goals.

RauLeCreuset158d ago


You're fighting a fight that not even Microsoft is willing to fight. Xbox has admitted that many of Sony's exclusives are better.

"Sony publishes iconic first-party franchises, such as God of War, The Last of Us, Marvel’s SpiderMan, Uncharted, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Days Gone, as well as the recently acquired Destiny 2, and has minority shareholdings in Epic Games, the publisher of Fortnite and From Software, the publisher of Elden Ring. There were over 280 exclusive first- and third-party titles on PlayStation in 2021, nearly five times as many as on Xbox.”

"Both Sony’s and Nintendo’s exclusive first-party games rank among the best-selling in Europe and worldwide. Current Sony exclusive content includes prominent first-party titles such as The Last of Us, Ghosts of Tsushima, God of War, and Spiderman."

"Not only is Sony’s exclusive content more successful than Microsoft’s, it also receives better ratings from industry experts: the average Metacritic score for Sony’s top 20 exclusive games in 2021 was 87/100, against 80/100 for Xbox. Gamers’ appreciation for these titles is reflected in the rankings of the best-selling games on PlayStation. Three of Sony’s exclusive games – Spider Man, Ghost of Tsushima, and Ratchet and Clank – featured in PlayStations’ top 15 games, as measured by consumer spend on PlayStation game purchases in 2021."

"Sony has more exclusive games than Microsoft, many of which are better quality."


What carries more weight? Those admissions from none other than Xbox, or someone coming with the "not all spin" who has made wild predictions that they go ghost to avoid taking accountability for like "this deal will pass thru and Sony will be the only one left begging MS to allow COD to continue on Playstation thanks to their arrogance and dishonesty at the top of an high level of stupidity"?


Obscure_Observer158d ago


"PlayStation showcases are updates from everywhere in the PlayStation eco system."

Wrong. That´s what State of Play is for.

Playstation Showcase is meant to show what´s NEXT for both PS5 and PSVR2!

There´ll be a few indie and third party games in between but the spotlight will definitely be on Playsatation first party games. If you don´t know that, you don´t know Playstation at all.

"Microsoft/Bethesda need you to get excited about SOMETHING."

We already have PLENTY to excited about, dude. We just need to know more about:

Starfield - Bethesda
TESVI - Bethesda
Avowed - Obsidian
The Outer Worlds 2 - Obsidian
State of Decay 3 - Undead Labs
Gears of War 6 - The Coalition
Indiana Jones - MachineGames/Bethesda
Contraband - Avalanche Studios
Project Dragon - IO Interactive
Project Midnight - Compulsion Games
Project Cobalt - InXile
Kojima´s new game - Kojima Productions
Double Fine´s new IP
Hellblade II - Ninja Theory
Project Mara - Ninja Theory
Fable - Playground Games
Everwild - RARE
Perfect Dark - The Initiative
Forza Motorsport - Turn 10

"That’s a totally different vibe and show compared to a system where people are already excited."

Nobody gets excited about hot air and Playstation hasn´t officially announced a single first party exclusive in 2 years, so yeah, we know about Wolverine, Death Stranding 2 since 2021, so it´s past time for Sony to announce really exciting upcoming games for 2024 and beyond because it´s a blank page right now.

What else is coming? GT8? Yeah, we know that. Horizon 3? Sure.

Chevalier158d ago

"it´s past time for Sony to announce really exciting upcoming games for 2024 and beyond because it´s a blank page right now."

Lol. The only hot air is Xbox games with their smoke and mirrors. Playstation actually releases games regularly so they don't need to show anything before its ready. They're not failing to launch games like Xbox is.

Vengeance1138158d ago (Edited 158d ago )


That list is REACHING, first off i'd 100% remove Everwild that is known vaporware and never ever coming out, its been dead for many years now.

I would also very much refrain from including games that don't even have titles yet, look at all those with "Project..." as a title, those are MINIMUM 3-4yrs away, so whats coming to Xbox, definitely not those anytime soon.

ALSO jesus, 100% remove Elder Scrolls 6, wow that game is atleast 10yrs away. Enjoy the wait on that!

Good chance Outer World 2 comes to PlayStation with new evidence leaking out from a job listing asking for QA with knowledge of Sony Certification testing.

Almost every title on that list there is near ZERO information about, all anyone has ever seen is a single announce video many years ago then nothing. They are the definition of announcing WAY too early, who can possibly be hyped for something not coming for a very long time.

At that rate PlayStation players can also have a list of games that are coming within the next 10yrs too! GoT 2 and 3... Horizon 3, God of War 6, GT8, Death Stranding 2, Spiderman 2 and 3, FF16, FF17... Santa Monica secret project from Cory Barlog... Deviation Games project, Firesprite project, Firewalk project, new Twisted Metal, Haven project etc

See how easy it is to make a list of games nobody knows anything about?

shinoff2183158d ago (Edited 158d ago )


Some ofbthose studios you named have done aaa games though so their not some small little indie studios. Hell obsidian did fallout new Vegas. The best newer fallout out there

Also as far as Sony and what their working on theybtypically don't blow their load when their still making the game unlike announcing games 5 years out.

Knushwood Butt158d ago

lol that list

I'm going to read through that list before I go to bed tonight to see if it helps me sleep better.

StarkR3ality158d ago


Listen dude, I get it, I loved what Xbox was too. The memories that Halo and gears gave me along with their previous titles I don't think will be matched by any game.

However there's a point where you need to realise you're being treated like shit by the company you're defending. I own all platforms right, guess which never, EVER gets used? The Xbox series X, which is a console I love, from a hardware and software perspective it's actually got things that Sony can take a note or two from. But a console is made to play games, and Xbox ain't got shit at the minute, so therefore I don't use it.

Obscure_Observer158d ago (Edited 158d ago )


"That list is REACHING, first off i'd 100% remove Everwild that is known vaporware and never ever coming out, its been dead for many years now."

You can´t win this argument with lies, dude.


You see, dude... I can´t have a gaming discussion with you if in your first paragraph you´d just lied through your teeth.


"But a console is made to play games, and Xbox ain't got shit at the minute, so therefore I don't use it."

I feel you, bro. I think you´ll do better off without it. Just sell the damn thing and be done with it. All the pain will go away. Peace!

Knushwood Butt158d ago

Who deployed the disagree bots?

RauLeCreuset158d ago


"Who deployed the disagree bots?"

Someone trying to obscure the truth from any unknowing observers who didn't see the tallies before the manipulation. They also manipulated agrees for comments they favor. Regardless, it was a lazy effort. The bulk of the manipulated votes are on comments in this thread. Who does all that but doesn't bother spreading it out more to hide their intended target? "F-" for effort. Why bother doing it if you don't do it right? They're struggling and directionless without their leader.