Activision Monthly Active Users Down 13 Million Over Last Quarter; Blizzard Also Down 18 Million

Activision's monthly active users are down by 13 million over last quarter, with Blizzard also down 18 million.

Jin_Sakai148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

“On the other hand, King, known for Candy Crush Saga, seems to be doing just fine, with an increase in monthly active users from 233 million last December 2022 to 243 million earlier this March.”

The mobile division is what Microsoft is really after. CoD is just icing on the cake.

blackblades148d ago

Maybe but they did ask if they were really to sell off CoD to a 3rd party and they said no. CoD is what they are really after and king is icing on the cake and rest are drip drops.

Christopher148d ago

No. It's a good thing, but Microsoft is after CoD. They could have just bought King on its own otherwise if that's what they really wanted.

neutralgamer1992147d ago

If that was true why did Microsoft said no to possible option of splitting up activision They are after COD because it’s a multi billion dollar game on yearly basis

XiNatsuDragnel147d ago

Activision aren't feeling so good rn

343_Guilty_Spark147d ago

Their stock is rebounding.

CMA is going to end up causing MSFT and ATVI to abandon the UK.

DeusFever147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Press X for doubt. Microsoft sells Office, Windows, and Azure in the UK. Profits from those business services are paying for this acquisition. CoD on cloud gaming is not the hill that Microsoft would die on.

pitythefool147d ago

Funny how that’s the narrative now, never heard a single mention when you lot were gloating over the imminent approval of the CMA.

EvertonFC147d ago

Never gonna happen, that would be a PR disaster

Mr_cheese147d ago

Guilty spark, not a bright one

Sonic1881147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

This is the kind of comment when you're in denial and desperate to say whatever. It's OK 343 the EU is going to block it as well😂

Hofstaderman147d ago

Their second largest market? Do you even stop to read before you post?

Aloymetal147d ago

I'm pretty sure my friends across the pond are gonna miss them...

StarkR3ality147d ago

Xbox is such a small part of Xbox my guy, you're talking about a 2 trillion dollar company here. Maybe if it was Sony who relies on their gaming division to make ends meet, not Microsoft. It's a drop in the Ocean pal.

They are not leaving the UK which probably makes them more money than the Xbox brand does worldwide.

AmUnRa147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Thats one of the stupid things i ever read, you are so delusional arn't you? Dont read to much in the echochamber of twitter xboxfanboys, they talking nonsence.

Obscure_Observer147d ago

"CMA is going to end up causing MSFT and ATVI to abandon the UK."

Nearly impossible, but it would definitely be interesting. Leave the whole UK market to Sony do whatever they want with their customers.

FinalFantasyFanatic146d ago

Yeah, let me know how well that goes for Microsoft, leaving all that money behind.

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PapaBop147d ago

Just remember, no matter how bad your day is going, Kotick is having a worse one. What I'd give to see the look on his face when he found out about the CMA blocking the deal, it's like a ray of sunshine in my cold black heart.

DOMination-147d ago

I think he's doing alright either way, sadly

darksky147d ago

Those monthly figures will drop even further if MS manages to take over and remove many games from PS5 platform.

Obscure_Observer147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Yeah, that might be the case because I can´t see MS allowing it´s new first party games on Playstation ever again once all is said and done with that ABK´s acquisition novel.

YourMommySpoils147d ago

MS touched it and now the whole business is crumbling LOL

Asplundh147d ago

As if it wasn't falling apart before they thouched it? Hence why they approached Microsoft to sell in the first place, Bobby caught the ship of fire and is bailing out.