Microsoft Deal to Buy Activision Blizzard Is Officially Blocked by UK's CMA

Microsoft's $68.7B deal to buy Activision Blizzard has been locked by the UK's CMA on competition concerns for the growing cloud market.

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SullysCigar154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Ruh roh... But I heard it was a dead cert? Oh well, Microsoft could just use that money to continue to support the xbox brand before it bleeds out entirely, so this might buy them a little time.

Now we know their hardware made 30% less revenue than this time last year, God knows they could do with some money in the coffers. This might also explain why Nintendo suddenly tried to distance themselves from this fiasco the other day.


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DarXyde154d ago

Honestly, I'm very surprised by this turn of events. I was very skeptical of the chances of success until recently and it seemed like a done deal.

Now, this. I hope the appeal fails and Kottick gets nailed to the damn wall.

I really do hope that Xbox gamers understand that if this deal fails with certainty (i.e., no remedies provided by Microsoft are adequate), they don't lose anything. It just means all of their games *might not* launch into game pass. ABK aren't skipping Xbox, don't worry. The real takeaway is that they won't skip PlayStation. If either of those things are deeply troubling to you, you're kind of awful. It pretty much translates into "I don't want ABK games on that other console" or "I don't want to pay for games". Possibly both.

darthv72154d ago

Well shit. They will appeal and make more concessions. MS is not letting this go.

shinoff2183154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

You know how many games and studios ms could make with 70 billion dollars. They've recently bought 5 decent studios, inxile, obsidian, etc and a big ass publishers with numerous ip s under them. That should've been plenty. Pump the fking games out now ms you have plenty.

Also see ya in September for starfield. Can't wait

Darth just seen your comment. I think your absolutely right.

S2Killinit153d ago

Im very happy with this decision. Its likely that the deal will still go through in a different and hopefully lesser shape but I hope they break this down as much as possible to prevent this sort of gobbling up of the industry. MS should pay dearly for pulling this crap. Still, I dont see this stopping MS, but a welcomed news nonetheless.

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Flawlessmic154d ago

Wow thought this was a done deal tbh, as much as I thought the deal going through would've been bad gaming in the long run I was kinda looking forward to all those games coming to gp and not having to buy them.

I wonder if this will be enough to stop the deal though

Alexious154d ago

Reversing the CMA's ruling would be a miracle at this point. It almost never happens.

crazyCoconuts154d ago

Technically if MS pays a fair price to Activision to cover the lost direct sales, I have no doubt COD could still be put on GamePass. Should be about equal to the opportunity cost of them doing it if it were part of MS

DarXyde154d ago

Never say never.

I think some people are celebrating prematurely. Just to seal the deal, I would not discount Microsoft's willingness to accept any remedies provided by the CMA if it allows them to proceed even 80% as intended.

Hopefully, we can shut up about this (myself included). We clearly have no idea what we're talking about, so let's just take a wait and see approach. I think the Xbox gang was overly hopeful and everyone else just said there's no way... Then it was looking very likely and they took a victory lap. Now, we're starting to see the original skeptics being proven right, albeit for different-than-expected reasons.

We're clueless, mate. Just waiting to see now.

DarXyde154d ago


"Technically if MS pays a fair price to Activision to cover the lost direct sales, I have no doubt COD could still be put on GamePass. Should be about equal to the opportunity cost of them doing it if it were part of MS"

True, but I really doubt Microsoft is willing to put up that kind of money. I would also think that gives ABK perverse incentive to crank out more games, regardless of quality/reuse of assets. At that point, you're guaranteed revenue from Microsoft, so why go beyond minimal effort?

Rynxie154d ago

So, just because you want free games, you would let a clear monopoly go through? What a sad "I want everything free" generation we live in. Willing to screw others over for your own benefit, this also goes for politics.

dcbronco154d ago

Explain how Microsoft buying Activision hurts gaming?

Flawlessmic154d ago

@ rynxie

Read my post again, clearly said I was against it, if you check my previous comment history you will see that is also the case.

However as I mentioned I thought it was a done deal at this point so figured no point crying about it started to see the positives.

I buy plenty of games mate on my ps5 and switch probably a lot more than you, my series x however is my gamepass machine I bought it for that specific reason so don't lump me in with that group.

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neutralgamer1992154d ago

CMA just blocked this deal from happening in my opinion. Unlike ftc which is so political and our broken judiciary CMA won’t lose during the appeal process

This is such a huge issue now because we all thought CMA were on board. I guess this story needed more plot twists

shinoff2183154d ago


I salute you for being one of the well i guess Neutralist people here. I say that as a Sony troll.

dcbronco154d ago

I don't believe this was an honest process. There's no way they can look at years of Sony having a larger marketshare and look at all of the exclusivity deals Sony paid for during that time while having that much of a lead and determine that anything is hurting Sony economically. Especially since Microsoft hasn't said CoD would be exclusive. If nothing else it would seem Sony is guilty of years of anticompetitive practices and should be punished. Which is what it sounds like congress is looking into. This might still come back to really bite Sony in the ass badly.

outsider1624154d ago

No shit man ! I did not expect that!

Bathyj154d ago

I might finally join Twitter today

generic-user-name154d ago

It's delicious already and the West Coast isn't even awake yet.

execution17154d ago

😅 they're getting called clowns by a few of the ms fanboys. Shame I'm blocked by some of them so I can't see all their meltdowns

neutralgamer1992154d ago (Edited 154d ago )


Haha good times

Honestly, don’t understand how some of these so-called gamers are behaving on social media. It’s like they have no personal life. They are on social media so often. I wonder when they actually play the games for the company they’re defending. And like I said earlier, unlike FTC, CMA cannot be defeated that easily in the judicial process. Even FTC will most likely block this so MS will have to appeal in both regions and will certainly lose one

dumahim154d ago


"Honestly, don’t understand how some of these so-called gamers are behaving on social media."

You can't? I'm sure there are already death threats flying around, as is the way for certain gamers when they don't get their way.

FinalFantasyFanatic154d ago

Adults are just big kids, some of us more/less so than others, some of those people will probably be teenagers as well, or I theorize would want this deal moreso because they have less money.

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Abracadabra154d ago

... and the soap opera will continue.

FlavorLav01154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Who’d thunk it?….Sony gained a massive industry talent this year and former main studio of Xbox’s - Bungie for under the amount that Xbox and MS just lost on a failed attempt to buy gaming’s biggest IP and came up empty handed. You can’t write this stuff…. Phil’s gotta be on his way out, right?

SullysCigar153d ago

If this is indeed the end of this deal, it HAS to be the end of Phil. That's just how these things work. They will appeal the decision and who knows, maybe this time they'll cross the right palms with silver and keep their dream alive. If you were working for the CMA and the buck stopped with you, those Microsoft trillions would surely play on your mind somewhat... Let's just hope they remain true to their role and protect the industry rather than feathering their own nests going forwards.

Gamingsince1981154d ago

Meh I said the first day the news broke MS was trying to buy AKB not to get excited but they all said it was a done deal because it's just fine *insert just fine meme* , MS can't buy the world and its a good thing this failed, the only people that could be upset are the 2 companies involved because of all the money they are losing now and people that thought keeping previously multiplat games off other platforms was a good thing, the deal going through would only be bad.

1Victor154d ago

We all knew it was going to fail when Michael pacter predicted otherwise it doesn’t fail if he say it’s a game is pure genius and amazing expect a half done buggy 💩

notachance154d ago

Sony should do Playstation Showcase featuring in-depth gameplay preview for Starfield just for the lol