How C-Smash VRS went from Dreamcast cult classic to PSVR2 contender

Thanks to a filmmaker and his dream team of designers and musicians.

Sasaki - Sega Rosso's founder and the executive producer of Cosmic Smash - was surprised to hear from a western filmmaker about his plans to resurrect the game – but not by the revelation that Cosmic Smash was now destined for VR. "Even before I heard about this remake project, I had thought that if we ever remade Cosmic Smash, it would be in VR," he says. "I was surprised and happy to be asked."

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IamTylerDurden1153d ago

3 ppl care about this game. They hail it as a cult classic but nobody cares.

SullysCigar153d ago

Did you read the article? Only about 3 people knew about this game - that's the point!


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