Pokemon Battle Revolution: Why it Deserves More Recognition for Its Animation Quality

While it was received poorly at the time, Pokemon Battle Revolution is being remembered with newfound appreciation in light of the ongoing conversation about the animation quality in the Pokemon series.

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jambola159d ago

I'm sure it was good in certain ways, and honestly not a bad game
Just felt like a huge disappointing step back from games like colleseum and xr, and honestly
Even stadium
No mini games etc

gold_drake158d ago

it was definitely.

it just felt like a let down when u consider the coliseum and Stadium games.


Pokémon Nuzlocke Rules: The Fan-Made Hard Mode

Looking for a fresh challenge from Pokémon games?

Learn the Pokémon Nuzlocke rules for a self-imposed hard mode.

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gold_drake39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

nutzlocks are great to watch right, but id never do one myself for own enjoyment.

but, gamefreak and nintendo and working hard to make those nutzlocks impossible in their pkmn games.

violet and scarlet definitely feel like they've done everything to make it impossible to do them.

PrimeVinister39d ago

I really like how setting your own limitations brings out another level of creativity in people. The book Gadsby and that lad who completed Dark Souls with a set of drums from Rock Band are good examples. I also enjoy the expression (or more often, simply witnessing) of that level of mastery.

A game I can say I do this in is PES - I do Youth-Only, Homegrown, no transfer fee etc. challenges with dogpoo teams in Master League. I don't even stream, I just like it.

As for Nuzlocke rules being on the way out, fair enough.


A Pokémon Presents broadcast has been scheduled for next week

The Pokémon Company has announced it’ll be holding a Pokémon Presents presentation set to take place next week.


10 Pokemon Dual Types That Feel Unnecessary

Twinfinite: "The duality of 'mon."

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Nerdmaster127d ago

I do agree with all the examples. I wish we knew Game Freak's thought process when deciding the types of Pokémon, if it's random or if there's actually a reason for these strange typings.

Kados127d ago

Dual types did not exist in gen 1.