Final Fantasy XIV: When Are We Getting A New Gold Saucer Minigame?

TheGamer's Meg Pelliccio says: "The Gold Saucer is one of my go-to haunts in Final Fantasy 14. It takes pride of place on my list of registered favourite destinations, and I’m sure that’s the norm for most players. Who doesn’t tackle the daily and weekly Cactpocts to earn as much MGP as possible so they can spend it on those sweet rewards? I’ve already cleaned the vendor out of all the minions, but I still need a few mounts, so the more MGP I can earn, the better.

Despite my need for MGP, I don’t take part in too many Gold Saucer activities. I’ll mooch around and complete some of the weekly challenges, like Triple Triad matches and minigames, and sometimes I’ll remember to do the Fashion Report, but won’t put in the effort to score big. I don’t do anything as regularly as I do with Cactpot. There just isn’t anything that grabs my attention."

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Final Fantasy XIV Update 6.5 "Growing Light" Gets New Screenshots Showing Story, Raid, Dungeon, More

Today Square Enix revealed new screenshots and details about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV update 6.5 "Growing Light," which is coming in early October.

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This Adorable Final Fantasy XIV Fan Movie Sheds Light on the Indefatigable Retainers

Have you ever wondered how retainers perform Ventures in Final Fantasy XIV? An absolutely adorable short movie released today shows exactly that.

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You Won’t Be Riding Final Fantasy XIV’s Rising Event Mount, You’ll Become It

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