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XBA says: A clash for musical supremacy will have you throwing fists.

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oIMyersIo149d ago

This was so bad I actually ended up returning it.

Fancied a rhythm game for a while but the design here is just counter-intuitive.

My biggest bug-bear was the colours of each button.
I know the game is multi platform but they should’ve allowed input customisation because I default to the blue for X but in this case blue is Square, Green is X instead of triangle and so on, it’s just very difficult to control when you’re used to playing mainly on one platform for 20+ years.


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VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "In such an age of genre mashups, is a rhythm-fighting hybrid the bridge too far? Well, it's more that God of Rock makes a poor first case study. The ways in which both design philosophies conflict leads to something that never finds firm footing; plus, what personality that's here never does enough to leave a lasting impression. A shame that Modus Studios never finds its groove."

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WTMG's Krystle Lim: "Overall, Modus Games had the recipe for potential greatness and it looked good in the pictures, but it didn’t taste as good as it looked. Hindered by lack of options and accessibility, too much focus on the fighting game presentation, and not enough on rhythm which is the main aspect of the game, their attempt to marry the two genres ended up missing on both. There are other rhythm games that attempts to incorporate a different genre (like JRPG) such as Theatrhythm and does so expertly, sadly, this did not."

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Paul writes: "It’s possible that we have finally found the edge, the genre fusion too far, and God of Rock is it."

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