Nintendo asks FTC judge to dismiss testimony subpoena in Activision merger case

Nintendo of America legal counsel asks FTC law judge to dismiss a subpoena that would require Nintendo executives to testify in the Activision merger case.

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S2Killinit161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Plot thickens indeed.

the person who negotiated w MS regarding COD on Nintendo does not want to be subpoena’ed. Interesting indeed. For those who dont know, his testimony would be under oath. Any lies during subpoena would be a felony

SullysCigar161d ago

My point exactly. I could have made that clearer in my original post lol

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Fishy Fingers162d ago

Why would Nintendo willingly participate in a court case attempting to block a merger that they stand to benefit more from going through?

FTC not checking their diary has handed them the easiest of outs.

darkrider162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

Benefit? The switch it's a huge success without Cod.... And if Cod worked on the switch activision would put years ago.... It would have done all to achieve that. Money

Fishy Fingers162d ago

True. The bigger benefit, get involved, gain absolutely nothing. Throw out the option to have gamings biggest IP on your platform while potentially damaging the relationship with the likely new owner of a major publisher with an IP catalogue thats already on their platorm.

You smart.

porkChop162d ago

"And if Cod worked on the switch activision would put years ago"

Activision doesn't do anything unless they think it's going to be a crazy success. COD will sell on Nintendo, it just won't sell as much. That's not good enough for Bobby.

FinalFantasyFanatic161d ago

I don't think they care much either way, COD on Switch would probably be compromised in some way to get it to run to an acceptable standard anyway.

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sparky77162d ago

Yep the FTC is screwed when trying to block this.

Nintendo wants it's to go through hence why they are making it difficult for the FTC.

S2Killinit162d ago

No one wants it to go through except MS and the xbox fans who have been so deprived of games that they are cheering the taking of multiplatform games from others even though xbox gamers were going to get these games anyway.

Hope MS chokes on this acquisition.

343_Guilty_Spark162d ago

Nintendo voice is “letttttsaaago!!”

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It's a good thing Microsoft now says its "adorably all digital" future plans are outdated

They suggested a potentially different path to Sony, and poorer game preservation as a result.

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Vits15h ago

Honestly, I don't mind a digital-only device - I do play mostly on PC after all. I just think that one paired with Microsoft's way of handling expandable storage is a bad idea.

Like, just imagine how expensive that would get with 1TB costing around 150 USD and the current sizes for AAA titles.

aaronaton9m ago

I honestly don't understand when ppl buy digitally over physical on launch when the game is the same price.
With physical, you actually own the game, its not a prolonged rent. Plus with single player games costing over £60, its nice to know you can recuperate costs after completion.
Ppl that buy all digital are either lazy or not very savvy when it comes to expenses.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is 150 Days Away From Launch

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be one of the biggest titles of 2024, and we're now only five months away from its launch!

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Snookies1212h ago

Can't freaking wait! I only have one tiny nitpick from everything I've seen so far. The ground clutter. There is a ton of pop-in going on when moving around with small rocks and foliage. I hope they can touch that up a bit before release. The game itself looks like everything I could have hoped for! I hope there are a ton of different cards to collect, for Queen's Blood.

nommers9h ago

So glad they're bringing a card game to a FF game again