Atomic Heart Sales Perform Above Expectations as Focus Entertainment Revenue Up 36% Year on Year

Atomic Heart sales have done better than publisher Focus Entertainment's expectations, with the company experiencing a 36% growth in revenue.

GotGame818155d ago

It's a very solid game. Good!

SullysCigar155d ago

Heard they're already lining up a sequel. Let's hope it doesn't take so long this time!

Glad all that time and hard work paid off for them.

jambola155d ago

loved this game so much

BandarHub154d ago

Atomic Heart is a good game everyone should experience that game for its beautiful design.
I do believe that they could have structured the story in a different way. This game could have been told solely through in-game lore rather than cutscene and the player would have to piece everything together.

Also, Atomic Heart, as well as A plague tale Requiem, have both been deemed successful. So the day one game pass release did not so-called "cannibalise" sales instead they had millions of people playing those games.

Goosejuice154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Not to be rude but this isn't an exclusive. We don't know the sales figure per system so u can't really say gamepass did anything for it. Sales could have been higher perhaps? We don't know so to say gamepass helped or didn't help is kinda of an assumption. All we can safely say is more people probably played it due to gamepass that wouldn't have otherwise bought it, but that dosnt mean it didn't hurt sales.
Either way though congrats to them and hopefully we get a sequel from them since it sold above expectations

BandarHub154d ago

"All we can safely say is more people probably played it due to gamepass that wouldn't have otherwise bought it, but that dosnt mean it didn't hurt sales."

Yeah, there you go. more people played it because of gamepass. For every player that plays the game which was most likely in the millions the studios were paid in revenue share. There is a certain amount that the studio would get paid if they reach a certain threshold. Hi-Fi Rush, Atomic Heart and a plague tale reached those thresholds.
The money that those studios would not have made in sales from Xbox they made through the revenue share from gamepass.

The more of those games that players play on gamepass the more of an audience they are gathering.
I am not a big fan of Asobo Studios because of the spectacular A Plague Tale Requiem.
This is why relating more variety of games like Japanese games will be beneficial to create a Japanese game audience.

Knushwood Butt153d ago

'There is a certain amo?unt that the studio would get paid if they reach a certain threshold.'.

How much, and what is the threshold?

darkrider154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Nop. Both are niche games and gp cannabalise sales. Hi-fi rush is another example. There no spin there all metrics from Microsoft are lower this year from last year. No spin possible

BandarHub154d ago

You're Dream Cast guy ain't you.... this is your burner account.

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Crows90154d ago

Yeah the games actually released on another platform where games sell, usually better.

BandarHub154d ago

Source? I know it sold well on steam with 200k on its first week.
But curious to know where you got your data from.

In the meantime, the game reached 5 Millions players and since it was a game that was popular amounts PC fans and it was available on gamepass. We can easily come to the conclusion that the 5 Million players were mostly on Gamepass.

Now you wondering how that's relevant since it does not equate to sales.
Since the game was made available for game pass subscribers a service where players who pay for the service to access the game, Xbox pays a revenue share to the developers for reaching players reach milestones.

Hofstaderman154d ago

Yeah it’s called PlayStation

Crows90154d ago (Edited 154d ago )


Did you not read my comment?
But as far as my supposed wondering....they're talking sales not profits ..so the money from gamepads is irrelevant.

shinoff2183153d ago

Real question

Can you name one game that's sold better on xbox over ps or pc? I couldn't imagine any in the last 5 years or so

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-Foxtrot154d ago

I was literally waiting for a spin wormed in your comment for Gamepass and I got it

Nacho_Z154d ago

Absolute nonsense until the system sales figures are known.

Hereandthere153d ago

Atomic Heart, as well as A plague tale Requiem are on PlayStation, im sure its the sole reason both games made a profit, if them 2 were only xbox, we would be reading how both games massively undersold and most likely killed both franchises. Im not even trolling, there's many articles about xbox exclusives from 3rd parties launching on gamepass and selling horribly.

BandarHub153d ago

I doubt that out of 5 Million players who played Atomic Heart a majority of them were PlayStation.

I would like to read the many articles too

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shinoff2183153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

They sure didn't help game sales. Those sales probably can be attributed to ps and pc. If anything the developers of atomic heart probably undercut themselves by giving it away on gamepass. All boils down to what ms gave them, studios first game unproven developer ,yea undercut. Just don't think gamepass helps as much I at all like some believe.

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TheLigX152d ago

My brother in Christ…. GamePass holds sales back. Would have done even better without it.

BandarHub152d ago

Break it down in detail as to how Atomic Heart has not made money from Gamepass.

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-Mika-154d ago

But I thought Gamepass Kill sales? Yall have to come up with a new narrative. Im happy to the developers and publisher for the success of their new ip.

jambola154d ago

Are you saying it can't be both?
You know atomic heart was on multiple systems ?

gold_drake154d ago

it was a multiplatform game.

what are u talking about

darkrider154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

It kills. Already a fact. There not even debate. And here it's not even the topic.. It's not an exclusive...

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repsahj154d ago

LOL, as if the report is for gamepass only. Steam sales alone are between 600k-800k sold. I dont know how many on other systems.

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Flakegriffin154d ago

Just wait until you learn that it’s not a Gamepass only game (for specific reasons).

Hofstaderman154d ago

You don’t have to think. Your overlord Microsoft and the regent Phil confirmed this with the FTC moaning and bitching.

Ninver154d ago

It kills. The ps5, PC saved this game. Guaranteed it sold more on these platforms.