How Dambuster finally brought Dead Island 2 over the finish line

Game director David Stenton discusses celebrating zombies, putting the studio's creative stamp on the franchise, and living up to years of anticipation.

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155d ago
hotnickles154d ago

I’m liking it so far. The writing is surprisingly good. I’m playing as some Irish punk chick and I’m getting a bunch of Irish slang I’ve never heard, it’s great lol. It’s like saints row remake humor but actually done well. Old GTA humor as well really driving home how fake America is especially LA.


Fallout 76 Cancellation Floated by Xbox Boss Phil Spencer

A newly uncovered court document has revealed that Xbox boss Phil Spencer considered shutting Fallout 76 down after its negative reception.

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XiNatsuDragnel1d 10h ago

They should tbh save resources and money imo.

-Foxtrot1d 4h ago

Probably will have to agree with Phil on this one, it should have been cancelled. They could have done a single player Fallout spin off game instead.

Concertoine1h ago

But Phil only floated “cancelling” it after it came out.

Considering the game got years of support after this, it was probably financially successful. Even if it represents everything i hate about modern gaming

-Foxtrot9m ago

My point is if he did it as soon as he could, then they'd never know about the sad "success" and he'd have never known to then keep it going. He'd have hopefully tried to find another way to get Fallout out sooner because now with the long wait until Fallout 5, as Bethesda are being stubborn arseholes by having it where only THEY will make a new game, they'll just support 76 instead and that will be our Fallout game until then...and what's that? After Elder Scrolls VI...so probably 2030 at the earliest before Fallout 5.

Crows903h ago

Im confused. The game was released before the acquisition. MS had no say.

Zeref3h ago

They're talking about stopping updates and shutting down the servers

purple1013h ago

Anyone remember Biden vs trump in the debates..

Biden "I'm going to shut it down"
Trump "il m going to shut YOU down"

Funniest thing I ever seen

tagzskie2h ago

I also agree with this move, but i feel sorry to the people who bought the game. Support the game as you can because theres people still playing and loyal to the game. I imagine if i were in their shoe im gonna be piss off.

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Bandai Namco: "Every publisher has to focus more on their own expertise"

European boss Arnaud Muller on maintaining momentum post-Elden Ring and the challenges of the market

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blackblades1d 10h ago

It's fine to stay working on the same IP that you are experts and experience on. Considering the fan base etc but should also build on new IPs. If you are good at making jrpgs or fighting games you should have the experience to create something new in a new world new name. Cause lately its been remakes, games with the same series aka Cod, tales, FF. Sometimes gaming needs a fresh world unrelated to existing games yes it can flop like forspoken but horizon and got did fine and they were totally different then there last game.

shinoff218319h ago

There's all kinds of new things out there. Indie through aaa. I mean yea they don't take chances like they used to back in the day but some still do. Capcom did exoprimal(close enough) not my cup of tea (online) but just an example. Square did a handful recently, it's the eas and ubisofts that don't take chances

Knightofelemia20h ago(Edited 20h ago)

I just want a Xenosaga trilogy HD remaster or remake such a great trilogy. I like Namco they are one of my favorite developers/publishers. Love the Tales games and I would also like a new Dynasty Warriors Gundam game. I would like Namco to continue having great hits both new and old but I also don't want them to forget some of their obscured titles.

ThichQuangDuck15h ago

Give us some genuinely good anime games. Like take your time to give us that true heat

anast15h ago

Translation: "remakes and slot machines are where it's at."

DarXyde7h ago

Muller makes smiling look painful. Like, this is the face of a man that self-stimulates with Icy Hot.

Crudeness aside, I do find this quote interesting:

"And Little Nightmares will sell very well because we will deliver what the fans are expecting to the right level of quality. And if you do that, then you are on for success. What I would say is that there is probably less space for innovation at a time where the market is, post-COVID, a little bit struggling given the macroeconomic environment, the growth that we’ve expected in the previous years, [and] the weight of subscription. Yes, you need to be clever."

I find this concerning. Yes, we knew (or at least speculated) that there is less room for innovation - I don't think we've really had much creativity since Gen 7, honestly. Due to financial sensitivities (e.g., inflation, astronomical development costs), I really wonder what we mean when we talk about "being clever". I think it goes without saying that they're mulling over monetization strategies, as is every other publisher. Some of the strategies we've seen so far include half-finished games, abundance of costly post-launch DLC, remasters, pay-to-win mechanics, and - of course - playing it safe.

Keeping an open mind on solutions that encourage greater portfolio diversity. I didn't mind the product placement ads for Apple or Calorie Mate in Metal Gear Solid for example because it didn't feel intrusive to me. But in focusing more on expertise, I think you really risk burnout. The extensive world-building Miyazaki does or the intricate emotional narratives crafted by Naughty Dog require so much. I think developers and publishers should put out smaller games that break up their teams into smaller teams to work on these projects. I liked those retro-style titles last generation like Broforce and Axiom Verge. Otherwise, what can we do - wait for some popular series/franchise from a different form of media to commission a studio to make a game for them?


Julie Nathanson’s 100th Game Role Is Briar In League Of Legends

This sounds awesome.
Nathanson's credits span the realms of video games, animated films and television, and even some live-action roles in her early days in the industry.