My Journey with Senua in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

MOSHE SWEET WRITES: "As the credits rolled on Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, I found myself frozen, gripping my controller. Then, a feeling of relief washed over me. I have never felt so happy to finish a game before, and not because it was bad or poorly designed, but because Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice is the most captivating, horrific, and emotionally draining game I have ever played."

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I Hope Hellblade 2 Is As Impactful For Me As The Original

Senua's Sacrifice was a cathartic mental journey. Can the sequel do the same?

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Workshyskiver84d ago

Same, but I think it will be very hard to capture the magic of the first one. It hit so hard and I don't know if the same feeling can go across to a new game.

z2g84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

I like to keep my expectations low for pretty much everything. if you put too much hope on an upcoming release, you will almost surely always be disappointed. It's not different than overhyping a game publicly, just internally.

That being said, I am looking forward to this title and seeing more. What I've seen so far surely looks extremely impressive, and intriguing, but that's all the more reason I don't wanna put too much energy into it til its closer to launch.


10 Saddest Video Game Stories

GF365: "A well-written and heart-touching video game can bring almost anyone to tears, and it's not always a bad thing. There are countless titles that have executed the concept of tragedy perfectly. Here are the saddest video game stories."

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shinoff2183258d ago

Deadliest was an awesome game. Glad to see it get recognition. I remember seeing it in ebay physically I had to buy it.

Snookies12257d ago

NieR: Automata's focus on existentialism hit me so hard, I legitimately had a brief existential crisis from it. It actually had me contemplating life and death. One of the many factors that contributed to Automata overtaking Chrono Trigger as my favorite game of all time. I've been gaming since Bionic Commando on NES. So I never really thought I'd find a game that could usurp Chrono Trigger for me, personally.

gold_drake257d ago

i mean i love the Nier franchise but to contemplate life and death ... maybe a therapist would help? not being funny about it.

Zeldafan64256d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles was what dethroned Chrono Trigger as my favorite rpg ever.

DrDoomer257d ago

these zoomers don't know about Silent Hill 2?

Elda257d ago

TLOU had a couple of touching moments but the entire story wasn't sad to me. But it was a story of survival so I guess the entire predicament of living in those conditions can be considered sad & I guess the same can be said for The Walking Sekiro,Spec Op & Dark Souls story didn't seem sad to me nor did Nier:Automata. To each their own to how someone interprets a sad story.

VerminSC257d ago

Dude, the main characters daughter dies in his arms in the first 30 minutes of the game. Then 2 brothers die in front of you in a horrible heartbreaking way. Followed by the conclusion where Joel chooses Ellie’s life and dooms mankind!

😂 Not sad at all

goldwyncq257d ago

Sarah’s death was sad, didn’t care about the 2 brothers at all, and I fully support Joel’s decision to save Ellie because mankind was beyond saving at that point anyway, so it was more bittersweet than sad, knowing how it would strain Ellie and Joel’s relationship going forward.

Elda257d ago

For me, the beginning was sad in TLOU everything else was just touching moments. Again as I stated in my initial comment.."To each their own for how someone interprets what is & isn't sad"

HeliosHex257d ago

I found resident evil village to be sad.

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Top 35 Best Xbox One Games of All Time

BLG writes: "For a console that had a lukewarm (at best) launch, the Xbox One had a lot of great games. So much so that even listing 35 of the best Xbox One games feels like we’re leaving some out!"

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