Blizzard Producer Claims Studio Is Creating 'Crisis Maps' as More Employees Depart

Colleagues have chimed in to affirm company is bleeding talent.

XiNatsuDragnel223d ago

Oh boy Blizzard about to be gone imo.

SullysCigar223d ago

Like rats from a sinking ship.

-Mika-222d ago

They will be back once MS acquires them. With the success of Diablo 4 and an announcement of a new game in the Starcraft universe. They will come running back once they see Blizzard is back to its old roots. A lot of gamers grew up with Blizzard. There will always be people dreaming to work for them. That is what some of yall need to understand.

343_Guilty_Spark222d ago (Edited 222d ago )


Would love to see StarCraft Ghost come back

Sonic1881222d ago (Edited 222d ago )


Since Starfield will be on gamepass, I highly doubt that Microsoft will make a lot of profit from it, especially since the Series X/S isn't doing too well in sales

shinoff2183222d ago


If people are leaving in mass exodus ms acquiring them doesn't matter. It's kinda cute how you look up to ms as some sort of savior.

The innocence 🥲

SinisterKieran221d ago

"They will come running back once they see Blizzard is back to its old roots" i don't know how long i've been hearing this crap.

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Melankolis222d ago

sadly, next after RARE would be extinct...

Bobertt222d ago

I forgot who it was but it was a hiring manager for either Facebook or some other tech company and he said he loves when these companies tell the employees they have to work from the office again for no good reason because he just goes on Linkedin and finds their employees and starts sending them job offers and makes sure it says they can work from home. He said he has been able to acquire a lot of great talent that way.

Vengeance1138222d ago

Combine that with MS uncanny ability to completely mismanage studios, they will have paid $69B for an empty shell. IPs are worthless without the talent behind them.

phoenixwing222d ago

IP isn't worthless. But there will definitely be a price to pay if good talent leaves. Probably lower sales by a certain margin after enough releases.

kneon222d ago

When the working environment turns to crap, it's mainly the better staff that leave first as it's easier for them to find another job

Zeref222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Nintendo games are proof that IPs can survive without talent.

I've seen indie games do Pokémon better than Nintendo. Most of their games besides Zelda would be considered garbage if they weren't attached to one of their beloved IP.

Also Sony has closed down as many if not more studios than Microsoft. This narrative that Microsoft mishandles studios is nonsense.

phoenixwing222d ago

No Microsoft does mishandle studios but you're not wrong about ip.

Vengeance1138222d ago

How's Rare working out for Microsoft? Everwild releasing soon? Where's Fable?

SullysCigar221d ago

I love how Jeff Grubb leaked that Hi-Fi Rush didn't sell and didn't make enough money and all we see on N4G is Aaron Greenburg's knee-jerk reaction, which was to say a generic 'Hi-Fi Rush was successful'-type comment. Sweep the news under the rug and let the PR machine brainwash the masses lol

Zeref222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Rare is working out pretty good. Considering Sea of Thieves is their biggest IP and people love it. It probably made more money than any of Sony's IP.

Fable is coming from Playground games if you weren't aware.

Vengeance1138222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Nice cope lol Sea of Thieves is the definition of mid average with a ton of problems.

And the correct answer about Fable is no, it's not coming out. Equal chance as Half Life 3 lol

mkis007222d ago

I'd bet you the show makes more money through MT each year than sea of thieves has since release.

MT are not for me either way. The industry is becoming too eager to sneak them into single player games.

Zeref221d ago

Is that why more people play Sea of Thieves than any Sony games? Because it's so bad? 🥲

Fable is not coming out? Did you just cancel it? 😂 You want Xbox to fail so bad lmao it's not working out is it? They got Bethesda and about to get Activision Blizzard. Must be hard to cope with 😭

Vengeance1138221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Next level COPE! HAHAHA Sea of Thieves has so few players things borderline close to being shutdown lol
Bethesda?! Oh man you mean the $7B spend where all they could desperately cobble together was the 30fps definition of mid game Redfall?! LOL please keep that game far away from PlayStation don't need it bringing down the company lol imagine the metascore on Redfall ohhhh man that's gonna hurt Microsoft bad! Maybe they should have spent extra to keep talent?
Can't wait to see all the new ways Microsoft will completely mismanage Activision, Call of Duty about to take a massive hit! Incoming talent exodus 🤣😂 CoD had a nice run but MS is here to end it lol
Atleast a ton of brand new studios are popping up from all the Blizzard vets jumping ship, will be great targets for Sony to add to the family.

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-Foxtrot222d ago

All the good talent should get together and form a new studio

Vengeance1138222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

2 new studios already got formed from ex-blizzard vets. Gas Giant Games and Magic Soup Games.

-Foxtrot222d ago

Ha. Magic Soup

That’s a good name

gleepot222d ago

More than that, too. Morhaime founded Dreamhaven in 2020, which houses Moonshot and Secret Door games. From what I can tell, the only studio that came from ex-blizzard employees that has made something was Ben Brode's studio that made Marvel Snap.

S2Killinit222d ago

Oh man, MS acquisition already causing issues…

Stanjara222d ago

MS is buying issues. They know exactly who took breast milk bottles.

Snookies12222d ago

Blizzard had issues well before MS bought them...