Is Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores the Best Looking Game Ever?

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is out today exclusively on PS5, and, let's cut to the chase, it looks magnificent. We're currently busy playing the expansion to line up our review and other coverage, but we had to share a few (spoiler free!) snapshots with you.

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Obscure_Observer165d ago

Cyberpunk on PS5 still miles ahead. Tbf it´s gonna be interesting if Burning Shores turn out to be graphically superior in comparison with Forbidden West or even Demon Souls in a substantial and noticeable way.

Video comparisons will start to pop up soon enough.

Sonic1881164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

It definitely looks better than Redfall and Starfield and at least it has a 60fps option unlike Starfield and Redfall. Todd Howard confirmed that Starfield will be in 30fps on the Series X

Starman69164d ago

Someone's been in grandmas medicine cabinet and taken a few of her crazy pills again lol 😆

neutralgamer1992164d ago


Just it go and try to be a gamer instead of always leaving comments which are definitely false only to instigate

Bathyj164d ago

You've got to be joking sometimes.

BehindTheRows164d ago

No, it isn’t. On PC, however, Cyberpunk is up there (exceeds it in lighting). Characters, Burning Shores is leagues ahead!

mkis007164d ago

Well digital foundry seems to think so. 2020 best gfx was cyberpunk (on a good pc) according to them. 21 was ratchet and clank , 22 was horizon forbidden west.

JamiroquaiBocephus164d ago (Edited 164d ago )


Do your friends and family also think you have the worst opinions/thoughts they’ve ever heard? Your whole life is a downvote.

Army_of_Darkness164d ago

Forget about burning shores, Horizon forbidden West was already Miles Ahead of cyberpunk 2077 on consoles to begin with. right now there's just no comparison in terms of graphics and performance.

SeTTriP164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Do you stay under phil Spencer's desk or something? Of courses it is, have you seen this game??

You can not have a ps5 this is the graphics king ATM elden 💍 is a close second as I find the art design to be pure genius (sorry gow).

InUrFoxHole164d ago

I don't think you understand how medications work...

Jin_Sakai164d ago (Edited 164d ago )


“Cyberpunk on PS5 still miles ahead.“

Because we all know it would hurt you to admit a first party PS5 game is the best looking game ever. At least we can all say It looks miles better than anything on Series X.

TheTony316164d ago

It doesn't. Cyberpunk on PS5 looks really good but it doesn't come close to Burning Shores. Now Cyberpunk on PC with pathtracing? Sure it does look better but not on console.

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SullysCigar165d ago

Yes, that clip of CP2077 looks great, but brings a brand new, top end 4090 to it's knees. It's essentially a tech demo that a MINISCULE number of gamers can experience and (while improved over the launch mess) is still extremely flawed.

Horizon Burning Shores, on the other hand, is plug and play for the masses on any PS5 - and in my opinion STILL looks better. That's an impressive feat, worthy of the praise it's getting.

MIDGETonSTILTS17164d ago

Yeah it isn’t worth comparing console games to PC…. PCs always have better hardware.

Console-only is the only apples to apples comparison to make.

DankSinatra164d ago

I mean, cool? The question wasn’t “ is it the best looking game at affordable price” it was “is burning shores the best looking game ever?”

Workshyskiver164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Thats not true at all though, Digital Foundry have got the CP2077 running on many 3000 series cards at frame rates that console players would deem as extremely playable;


a 4090 is absolutely capable of running it at insane frame rates. Heck that card does 8k60fps at least in a lot of games right now.

IamTylerDurden1164d ago

At any era you could take a modded pc game or demo that would out do any console game. Hard to compare exponentially superior hardware in very specific circumstances. But as far as in general, yes, Horizon is king imo.

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RaidenBlack164d ago

It's all fun and games until Burning Shores releases on PC ...

P_Bomb165d ago

Best looking console game that I personally own.

Flewid638164d ago

So they upped the graphics just for the DLC?

RaidenBlack164d ago

by limiting its release just to PS5 ...
CDPR is doing the same with CP2077's upcoming expansion

SullysCigar164d ago

Yup - have you seen it? It's gorgeous!

CrimsonWing69164d ago

Yea, it's an actual PS5 game now and not a cross-gen title.

Gardenia164d ago

Personally I find Ratchet and Clank the best looking game. Horizon is an open world game so you have to look at it differently on a technical level.

darkrider165d ago

I think there isn't even a debate. A open world game with this kind of graphics!

locomorales164d ago

Pretty game. But a generic ow nonetheless.

IamTylerDurden1164d ago

Generic how? Robot dinosaurs? The best biome variety ever? New mechanics n features? Generic? Tell me about Ubitowers pls.

darkrider164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Generic? Dude, you don't even understand what that means and it doesn't apply on this game, with the story, diferente tribes... Generic is another game that is coming in the next week's that doesn't bring nothing new but more of the same and runs and looks like crap

TheEnigma313164d ago

jealous and hating