Redfall Feels Like It's Being Set Up To Fail

Redfall keeps walking into PR disaster after PR disaster, something that Arkane doesn't really need.

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BandarHub167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Judging a game based on expectation.
Gaming journalism has always amounted to a joke.
If the game is 40k 30 fps on Xbox series X does that mean it is also set to fail on PC too which will run it at a higher fps?
The merits of this game are not being put forward and the technicality which is not an issue at all will be at the forefront of the score it will receive at the end.

just_looken167d ago

They had over 5 years to make a game run on direct x and windows no other sku.

so yes i expect this to run like crap on pc especially with denuvo forced into the install.

This stuido is also owned by ms so they had all the tools to make the shed now after many years its done but the foundation is cracked door wont stay on and the walls have no installation but hey its pretty.

BandarHub166d ago

Misunderstood my point entirely,

"The merits of this game are not being put forward and the technicalites are"
This is my point

Jin_Sakai166d ago

I mean 30fps aside the game looks mediocre. Especially after seeing gameplay from IGN.

Kurt Russell166d ago

I don't disagree, but I was looking forward to jumping in with a friend... these kind of games are generally our jam.

But then I heard it was 30FPS... so probably won't bother now.

BandarHub166d ago

The whole IGN debacle is so over-exaggerated.
IGN was bad at playing the game but the criticism somehow shifted the game itself.
IGN's way of playing the game is not reflective of how the game is supposed to be played.
Also, Redfall has the same aesthetic as Dishonoured, it was not going for realism and they never made a big deal about how the game is supposed to look.

What's funny is you guys are eagerly waiting for this game to get a bad score. It's quite sad to be honest just sitting there waiting for negative press about the game and then pouncing on every article. There is no valid criticism of the game mechanics, plot and design.

The game preview was getting positive press:


Somehow that whole narrative shifted when a Jorno failed to play the game properly.

Walalon166d ago

To be honest… IGN doing gameplay videos are like a quadriplegic trying to swim.

I saw other guys playing it and feels a little bit good… but the game itself it’s just at least for me too generic and the Marketing team of Arkane really needs to step up too, they make an awful job to even make a lil splash so close to the release.

Now for me the reputation on Braindead AI of Arkane make me pass so hard this title, even on Deathloop are so stupid that doesn’t make sense hahahaha.

shinoff2183166d ago

30fps I don't get the hate, but your second thought. Sure

shinoff2183166d ago

Bandar let's not act like xbox fans haven't done the same , remember forspoken and numerous others xbox fans waiting and hoping something fails. That goes both ways.

The ign video no matter how bad the player was does it change the fact its 30fps

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AmUnRa166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

The game is not running on 40k on Xbox series X, infact even on the higest rig its not running in 40k for like never ever ever...... Its running at 4k😉

Vengeance1138166d ago

What "merits" is that exactly? Care to list them?

Vengeance1138166d ago (Edited 166d ago )


Thats not an answer. If you can't list them yourself then i'm going to assume there are no merits. Anyone can link a bunch of articles that all vomit the same thing.

lmao 50% of your links don't even work and the rest are just a bunch of general impressions with endless paragraphs of reading. Again linking a bunch of general previews of the game is not an answer lol I highly doubt you yourself even read 100% of what those articles say since you can't even summarize them all yourself.

All you're saying here is "I don't know, here's some articles that talk generally about the game, so go deduce the answer yourself because i sure don't know."

P_Bomb166d ago

Vengeance is right, more than half the links are busted.

shinoff2183166d ago

I personally think the 30fps thing is being way way way out of proportion. It's not a big deal. Maybe cause I'm an older gamer I've been through the worst of fps. A solid 30 is straight to me.

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-Mika-167d ago

MS clearly doesn't have much confidence in this game. I can't blame them because they gave Arkane a year delay to make the game better and they still failed. After Redfall, Arkane needs to move away from FPS games and look into trying something new.

BandarHub167d ago

Stop making up rubbish....what an indication that Microsoft showed that they do not care about the title.

-Mika-167d ago

I did not say they didn't care. I said MS does not have confidence in this title. Im not seeing any tweets or excitement about this game from the Xbox higherups.

crazyCoconuts166d ago

I can't say tweets from higher ups are standard before release, good or bad from what I've seen. I'm not saying it's going to be great, I'm just saying MS hasn't done anything but support the game from a PR perspective

crazyCoconuts167d ago

Why would you say MS doesn't have confidence in Redfall?

just_looken167d ago

I get your point mika by now any other exclusive title would have a add campaign of sorts but this is shaping up to be like titan fall 2 just tossed out to die though titan fall 2 was a excellent game.

BandarHub166d ago

"I did not say they didn't care. I said MS does not have confidence in this title."
It's the same meaning...

" Im not seeing any tweets or excitement about this game from the Xbox higherups."
What a joke...
They have been releasing breakdowns of every character. every week
Gave the press a preview of the game which was received very positively.
They had 2 showcases of the game already.

It has more trailers than Minecraft Legends

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Fishy Fingers167d ago

I mean, it aint good to draw any negative attention.

That said, I'm playing on PC, I pick my frame rate and I'm connected to the internet (like you are right now).

IanTH166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

The argument is not that people don't like always online because they don't have internet, or aren't on the internet. It is because it tends to cause issues. It creates an extra point of failure that, in many cases, doesn't need to be there. You have an hour to play but their servers (or your internet) are down? Too bad. The game does poorly and they shut down the servers in a year, but you love the game? Tough.

Internet as an option is totally fine, but why not also want the best of both worlds? Why not want a more robust game that can be better preserved? It's already tenuous with digital game sales how much we truly own it. A game attached inextricably to servers is one that has a finite lifespan. That just kinda sucks.

just_looken166d ago


Remember last year when denuvo servers got shutdown for 2 days every game with that drm was unplayable.

Ryuk_2007167d ago

We almost went a day without a redfall doom and gloom article. The cow has run dry on this story.

Obscure_Observer167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

No doom and gloom article can make a game a failure. I don´t even bother with those anymore.

I can´t really remember an Xbox first party game that drew so much negativity than Sea of Thieves (Halo Infinite a close second), when we had articles just like this one predicting it would be a massive failure and MS would shut down the servers in less than 6 months. And here we are. 5 years later and SoT turn out to be a huge success.

That said, as an Xbox Series X owner, I´m disappointed with the 30fps cap myself, but the reality is that most gamers would prefer quality over performance for most games in cases that you can only chose one over another.

I´d really love the settings, characters, world, atmosphere, combat and exploration focus in this game. But I´ll return to it in a later date once the 60fps patch is out.

Hopefully all this backlash that Arkane is getting will turn out into something positive in the future for them and every gaming studio as whole.