PS5 Best-Selling Console in the US in March, Resident Evil 4 Remake Debuts in 1st

The PlayStation 5 was the best-selling console in the US in March 2023 in terms of units sold and dollar sales, according to figures from Circana (formerly The NPD Group). NPD includes the dates for the five week period of February 26 to April 1.

The Nintendo Switch was the second best-selling console in February in terms of units sold, while the Xbox Series X|S came in third place. In terms of dollar sales, the Xbox Series X|S was in second place, while the Nintendo was in third place.

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IamTylerDurden1227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

We can just copy paste this headline for the rest of the year. Maybe Starfield or Zelda steal a month but if u saw Sony's fiscal year PS5 projections they obviously knew this thing would sell cakes once stock was available. And tbh they haven't done much other than VR this year. Burning Shores and Forspoken. Still months away from XVI. It's funny, Within a span of 2 months Sony had Uncharted Remaster, Sifu, Forbidden West, GT7, terrible Babylon's Fall (still exclusive tho) and yet were dominated by XB. Ppl claimed stock had nothing to do with it lol. Obviously we see that was bs. I like my XB but this is just the truth. When PS5 was floundering it was purely stock related and it was pathetic how ppl spun it. Ppl can talk their bs but be at least a little real. Or informed.

Only a joker would have thought PS5 getting smacked by XB in essentially the month 2 of their biggest IP (Horizon, GT) release was anything other than stock. I remember XB crushed PS5 in JP a few weeks and fanboys were claiming it was legit. Cmon. Claims that stock impacted both similarly was ridiculous when S was always in stock. That was annoying to me. Even supposed neutrals trying to be impartial like "hey man, the stock issues hurt xb also". Nope. It helped them. A lot. Many who wanted a PS5 or X got an S. I did. It helped drive ppl to the GP ecosystem. XB was doing well for a while. Really well without releasing jack. It was a godsend. The perfect storm. I always said if there were no stocks issues this generation would mirror PS4 vs XB1.

darkrider227d ago

Yeah. Always told that. But some couldn't accept that. Didn't fit in their agenda. Supply was a huge problem for the ps5. Even so, The ps5 will sell more then the ps4.

just_looken227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Everyone is praising sony for sales when all it does is say hey raise prices again rip us off again.

Sony increase sales prices of games by $10 then $20 gets praised games sell out

Raise the price of the ps5 at the time only company to do this gets praised and now is breaking records.

I remember the ps3 launch at $600 usd 80gb model everyone flipped out yet that conosle had more innovation first party games and broke the tech barrier at the time. You do not see the ps5 being used by the navy or a app remote connect power to support a cause yet its $700 in canada,

Heck launch playstion 3 had media drive bay ps2/ps2 backwards compatible new bluray drive 5.1/7.1 audio brand new nividea gpu and we went from sd to hd gaming with the new psn.

Ps5 be like hey we got umm vr and uhh 3 titles you cant play anywere else and ahh oh ps1 certain games certain regions backwards compatible unless you sighn up for a cloud service that has not seen a update for its infrastructure sense 2014.

They should sell the ps6 like a car sign up for monthly payments of $99 for 36 months 12%apr. It will sell very well by today's gamer.


ApocalypseShadow227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Spitting out complete nonsense isn't going to help your narrative.

How much did gamers save on PS3 by not having to buy an HDMI system because the launch system was component, HD DVD for HD movies, proprietary HDD that cost more than market price, expensive Wi-Fi adapter, expensive memory cards that cost more than market price, paying for online that was $50 a year on that other system that broke a lot and needed a brown box and 3 year warranty. Don't blame Sony on your country's import tariffs, taxes and economy. PS3 had everything needed built in and gamers still complained.

Sony increased prices because the economy itself cost them more to make the products we buy. Sony didn't create the pandemic or the world wide economy being affected.

There's more than VR and 3 games. Gamers that can finally buy a PS5 without hitting the lottery are buying a lot more than 3 VR games and a headset. Everything from launch to now from AAA, indie and VR is helping the system sell.

Did you complain about the FREE decade of online on PS3? Did you complain about the FREE pack in game on PS5? Did you complain about the FREE games collection Sony gave for buying the PS5? Did you complain about the FREE games Sony gave away during the pandemic with the stay at home initiative? But you want to F ING complain now when it's the market that changed Sony's pricing that they had no choice but lost money which they did that already giving gamers a PS3 that would have been $1000 or more that did more than a Blu-ray player.

Open your eyes. They're obviously closed. Or green with envy.

just_looken226d ago


The launch system were hdmi i stil have my 80gb and also a 20gb

Hd dvd for real? that failed faster than bata max

Propitary hdd? ps3 never had that it was just a 2,5 inch hdd

Are you going on about the 360? in a sony article?

Its always one or the other ffs

Xbox never raised the cost of the series console in the own words they never had a manufacturing price increase but sony was selling console at a price hike so they joined in.

But this reply and disagress is why we have a handful of compaines in out supermarket only 5 in the auto world yet they scream shortage or ecomomy.

Covid killed over 7% of the world population another 10 million in argentia live worse than a usa prison imitate.

The production of items and our food/water usage is fine its the compaines that are in charge causing the prices.

Ps5 xbox series is old tech nothing brand new but tscm is one of few companies making the parts

In the end the cost of making these consoles have not gone up but the companies see we like getting robbed so have all gotten together to price gouge out the middle class and create the dirt poor/poor class system,.

Also free psn? that died when ps4 came to market nothing improved on the psn side we lost sony hosted servers like we had on ps3 and got worse chat rooms/messaging systems.

Heck now we can host a chat room its all about message group crap

Free game collection? man grabing that shovel to find a positive in the last sony decade.

sadraiden226d ago


"How much did gamers save on *(PS3)* by not having to buy an HDMI system..."

they meant 360.

ApocalypseShadow226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

Points is, Sony has given and still has given gamers a lot and then some in comparison to others. But you think they're robbing you. Why are you buying their products if you think they are robbing you? Stop buying PlayStation if you have a problem with them. As I said, you have no problem accepting the things they have given away. But are bitching because they had to raise prices in an economy that pushed them to not continue to lose money. They are as business. You think you're a charity. That they should continue giving you a discount because you are a fan. Get real. You brought up off topic shit. So, I did as well. This is about PS5 selling well after not being able to buy by walking into a store and getting one easily.

Prices of games stayed the same for 17 F ING years. It was bound to go up and Sony wasn't the first to raise their price. And, it's not a requirement to buy their games at launch. During PS4 era, I only bought maybe 3 or 4 games at full price. Everything else I waited on a sale because I didn't need to rush out and buy games at launch like I did during the Nintendo days, PS1, PS2, etc . Just like I don't buy TVs at launch or PCs or cars or consoles or whatever. There's such a thing as... Wait for... Wait for it..


Are you familiar with the term? Are you intelligent enough as a consumer to figure out that if it's not a price you are willing to pay, that you can wait until it drops into a price range you can agree with?

Prices have gone up. PlayStations are no longer $299 at launch. Games are no longer $49.99. Consoles have more built in compared to yesterday's consoles. Either suck it up, wait for a sale or move on. No one feels entitled liked you're expecting Sony to keep digging in their pockets so that you don't dig into yours. They are done losing money like during the PS3 days. You have to be smart enough to decide to buy something just like when you do to the grocery store to buy eggs or milk or whatever. Get a clue.

just_looken226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

Just wow sony has a free pass on everything

From there own lips sense 2020 the great oh poor company loosing money they have made 8 billion more year to year.

they are making 80=88 billion a year now but you can see 2015-2020 they were always 68-78 billion profit they have never lost money in years and were never loosing money on ps5 production.

Please all mighty ps5 blindboys show me the poor sony you speak off that eats mcdonalds and needs to raise everything to pay for there hydro bills? all i see is another company raising prices because we all accept it.

No company need's to be worth trillions of dollars and make over 60 billion a year then go help help i cant pay for another golden ship.

A oem pc maker can make a ps5 specs system well under $600 also.

Flawlessmic226d ago

You do realise Ms has raised the price of the xbox in some countries also right?


just_looken226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

yes like i said before xbox raised there price but after sony did.

This news says price gouge us to the street drain our wallets dry.

We would never have gotten more expensive consoles nore $70 games if it was not for sony


IamTylerDurden1226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

I'm not praising shit, just stating facts.

PS3 was was indeed loaded. OG fat was worth the price for blu ray alone.

PS5 Digital was 400 usd. Great deal. The non US increase was unfortunate. Game increase was overdue, everyone else intended and eventually did the same yet they received no criticism. Price increases suck but all blame was on Sony when others were going to do it neway. None of it is good but you can't give zero criticism to the others who did it as well.

Stop with the "only 3 games/PS5 has no good tech" bs. Who has supported next gen better? Name one publisher. MM had RT reflections at 60 day 1. Demon's Souls was stunning day 1. Within a year of launch they popped 3 more next gen exclusives and 2 utilized every PS5 feature. R&C and Returnal. Yeah they moved to cross gen bc ppl couldn't get a PS5. And regardless they put out some impressive cross gen via Miles, Ragnarok, Horizon. What more did u want? Compare XB. Why do they get a pass with no true next gen exclusives when S was always in stock?

PS5 has the Dualsense and at least R&C pushed the ssd. Don't start with DF nonsense, it f***ing did. PS5 innovatived far more than PS4. We aren't going to see wholesale innovation gen to gen these days when it's about fidelity/gpu. PS5 is the best we could've hoped for. Gaming has a stagnation prob, at least PS5 did something other than gpu/flops.

ApocalypseShadow225d ago

As flaw said, it's unfortunate that prices have gone up. But you are only targeting Sony about it. How much was Gameboy then? How much is Nintendo Switch now? How much are their games? Same with Xbox.

Only one crying is you and the "woah is me."

Everyone else understands that if you can afford it, get it. If you need to WAIT FOR A SALE, do it. If you whine and complain like you, that means move on. You obviously can't afford gaming. At least Sony gaming. But you act like you can afford Nintendo and Xbox gaming because you ignore them about it.

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darkrider227d ago

Surpassed sales of the ps4 in the US! That's freaking great.

just_looken227d ago

ps4 $400 ps5 $700

ps5 outsells it well time for that 1500 playstation 6

anast226d ago

At that point people would just get a PC.

shinoff2183226d ago

Your crying about a price hike like dude get over it. Things have all gone up all over your life my life dude down the streets life. It's part of life. On the games themselves they've been 60 dollars for 30 years or so. It sucks your absolutely right but it's also extremely surprising they lasted that long at that 60 dollar price point.

darthv72227d ago

"The PlayStation 5 also in March set a new individual PlayStation sales record beating the previous record set by the PSP with 620,000 units sold."

Now that's impressive. That record has stood for a long time.

IamTylerDurden1227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Honestly it feels like every month they announce a record. Would've been curious to see the numbers if stock wasn't an issue. I felt bad for Sony devs releasing games for a console no one could buy. Surely hurt sales for Housemarque, Insomniac, etc. Even cross gen like HFW and GT.

It's astonishing though bc Sony has done very little other than VR this year. Forspoken and Tchia. It's been dry. HFW DLC did not impact these numbers. They are doing record numbers and won't have a major, high quality exclusive until 6 months into the year. Crazy. Would rather a few million of those ppl buy PSVR2. I want console VR to succeed. The industry could use some innovation. Would like to see XB and Nintendo jump in but MS won't until it's wildly successful and Nintendo can't run it.

Christopher227d ago

My guess is just the people moving from PS4 to PS5 since it's in stock and most future games will be leaving PS4 behind.

IamTylerDurden1227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Chris, Sony predicted 30m units this fiscal year and it might play out that way. Other consoles have had the same benefit of ppl jumping yet haven't yielded the same results. Idc honestly, i play more XB anyway, but you have to be impressed. With no meaningful software either. What happens when XVI, Spidey, and other (there will be a 3rd major exclusive this fall, trust me) release? PS5 will not stop. It's going to land between PS4 and PS2. 135-140 is realistic.

shinoff2183227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Also want to add Feb March April are income tax time in the u.s. and people balling this time of year

Not to say stock didn't hurt cause it would've sold high amounts last income tax season to. Just part of the reason imo

He'll my own ps5 would've been bought at tax time if I wasn't for one of the owners at the shop I work not selling it to me on payments. Got 4 games ps5 two controllers and a charging dock for 600 about a month after horizon came out last year. 50 bucks a week.

Hofstaderman227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

@ Tyler What?
@ Christopher not just people moving from ps4 but I bet there a considerable amount of people migrating from XBOX One to PS5.

227d ago
IamTylerDurden1226d ago



Exactly what i said mfer.

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