Dead Island 2 Review - IGN

A hilarious gore-fest and a competent zombie-slaying adventure.

XbladeTeddy404d ago

Sounds better than I expected it to be. Defo going to check it out.

just_looken403d ago

I forgot about it and for those with amd rewards remember to get your steam key i am off to get mine.

IamTylerDurden1403d ago

Agreed. Looked like a high 60's but currently 74 Opencritic. I fully expected inferior scores to Dying Light.

RaidenBlack403d ago

Its a pretty good looking game as well.
IGN's video is as usual low quality

P_Bomb404d ago

They survived development hell! Good for them!

Profchaos403d ago

I'm positive there's going to be some great stories coming out of the multiple teams that touched this over the years

IamTylerDurden1403d ago

I thought the Yager version looked better for its time tbh.

just_looken403d ago

One does not survive the crunch but only endures it.

I say that to other stories were after they could not get another job after 10-14yrs on one project and or is so stressed or mentally fed up they stop working in the industry.

I mean look at bioware edmintion.

IamTylerDurden1403d ago

Happy for them but how on earth is it essentially matching Dying Light in reviews? DL1 and DI2 have the same Opencritic and DL2 is 2 pts different. I love DI for the setting but this game looks like a limited version of Dying Light. It looks like the same DI from 10 yrs ago but with B4B cards. I'm baffled by the reviews. Dambusters, dev hell, nothing overly impressive looking. Maybe critics were rooting for it? Good for DI though, i had a blast on the OG.

gangsta_red404d ago

This is the next game i have in my que from Gamefly. Hoping it will be as fun as part one and I'm glad to see multiplayer was kept for this.

Eidolon403d ago

I barely put it in my Queue today, completely forgot to earlier this month. Probably won't get it shipped and have to wait weeks like I did with RE4:R

gangsta_red403d ago

I finished Dead Space Remake just in time and sent that back, so this one will be the only one in my que.

Eidolon402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

Just got RE4:R on the 19th(technically 12 hrs ago when I checked the mail), and they shipped Dead Island 2 already, a day after I had put it in Queue and 2 days before relase. Some games get shipped 2 days before release, though, but not all. I think I had put RE4:R in Queue just a day before release.

blackblades403d ago

I remember people saying this game was gonna be bad. Apparently they were wrong been seeing 8s and of course IGN would give it a 7 but still aint bad.

edeprez403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

IGN and most of the gaming sites operate on a 7-10 scale for grading, 7 being bad. This game may be great according to tastes, but their grading is not on an even 1-10 scale.

Eonjay403d ago

I think Fighter Within got a 1. Clearly this isn't that.

XbladeTeddy403d ago

7 actually equals good not bad, 8 is great, 9 is excellent and 10 is masterpiece. Even 6 on that scale isn't bad, it's passable. 5 and below is bad territory .

IamTylerDurden1403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

74 Opencritic, so nothing amazing, but far better than we all Imagined. I mean, it didn't look great. It looked like Dead Island from 10 yrs ago with cards. It looked more limited than Dying Light. Not sure how they pulled it off but what exactly made u confident it'd be good? Dambusters/3 dev teams, dev hell, and nothing overly impressive looking. Regardless, i'm happy for the IP as i love DI for the goofy setting.

badz149403d ago


IGN's favourite term for them to dock points for games that are not Nintendo's.

IamTylerDurden1403d ago

Originality how? It looks like old DI with B4B cards. I love DI but original it is not. Not after 2 prior games and 2 Dying Light titles.

badz149403d ago

did I say that this game was original?

badz149402d ago

what I meant was IGN use "originality" to dock points from games other than Nintendo's as in they look for "originality" in other games, which is very hard to find nowadays, to justify their low scores usually.