20 Best DS Games of All Time

While not the greatest handheld from day one, the best Nintendo DS games still offer some of the most fun you will find on any console.

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Dandalandan117158d ago

No Phoenix Wright really?
Also Hotel Dusk should be in there as well.

Smellsforfree158d ago

The fact that Tetris DS does not include an unlimited play mode make it one of the worse Tetris versions for me. The online play was OK back when it still worked.

_Decadent_Descent157d ago

I half expected to see Golden Sun on here. Bummer.


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Knushwood Butt875d ago

Snaking = broken game.

The online was broken trash, you didn't miss much.

Snookies12875d ago

Just having Mario Kart on the go was mind-blowing for me at the time lol. The DS itself was mind-blowing at the time too. Had a lot of fun on that little handheld.