Hacker Gary Bowser leaves prison, but will have to pay Nintendo for the rest of his life

The well-known hacker Gary Bowser, formerly part of the Xecuter team, guilty of having spread mods and hacks for Nintendo Switch, he is free after three years of imprisonment. Once cleared for good behavior, the hacker will however have to face a serious problem for the rest of his life.

FallenAngel1984157d ago

The plumber can be as ruthless as the mouse

italiangamer157d ago

Don't mess with Nintendo's lawyers, they will f*** you up for good.

PitbullMonster156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

You own the hardware but not the software. You only purchased the License to use the software, not to modify it.

XiNatsuDragnel157d ago

Dang you serving nintendo for life at least become dev to develop games for them tbh.

Number1TailzFan157d ago

Too bad Nintendo has to rip people off and there'll be others to take his place.. AKA Nintendo are wasting their time thinking they're stopping hackers and the difference it will make overall is slim to none.

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autobotdan157d ago

Maybe he will win the Lottery?

SoulWarrior157d ago

lmao he is really called gary bowser?