Mortorstorm mulitiplayer hands-on from IGN

Ign previews Motorstorms multiplayer via LAN, and finds out it needs some work.

"The PlayStation 3 is still striving for the definitive killer app to be released. It's a common quandary of a new console. Thankfully the PS3 is launching with several "great-ish" titles; while they're not necessarily killer, only a fool would discount their potential for enjoyable time-wasting. MotorStorm is shaping up to be one of these great titles, and who knows, with a little polish could even turn into a killer."

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bumnut5703d ago

if the game is laggy on a lan connection, it will be terrible online. there should be zero lag playing over a lan.

but this could probably be fixed with a patch at a later date.

MaximusPrime5703d ago

the worst lagging is Halo....

Lagging is affected on all games.

Booneral5703d ago (Edited 5703d ago )

Halo 2 is an old game, LIVE in today's world, Motorstorm is a new name and should have good online performance, I think that online feature will add alot to this game, so it better be good.

Yeah there is no "LAG-Free-Guaranteed& quot ; online gaming but the concern here is that the game is actually lagging on LAN. Which should never happen.

Now back to ol'laggin Halo 2... I haven't seen that game lag once during LAN sessions, and if a game is lagging in a LAN session, with just 8 players, it just delivers a message: "the online portion needs further coding and adjustments".

I hope they will be able to do it till they release the game, because if a game is lagging on LAN, I dont want to think of online gameplay.

Bullseye5703d ago

I agree, it doesn't sound good, does it. On the other hand lets wait for final review, hopefully it'll be sorted.One things for sure though,this will be a busy post.

FeralPhoenix5703d ago (Edited 5703d ago )

Yeah this is not a good sign, but lets remember the good news is that they do have a little time to iron out these problems, keep in mind IGN's last statement:

"We'll keep our fingers and toes crossed that this issue is resolved in time for release, especially considering network code is usually one of the last parts of a game to get the final lick of developer love."

This game has been "hyped" alot, all online games experience some lag it will happen but there's a difference between an occasional "hic-up" and the kind of lag that just slows the game down, or effects the gameplay alot, I don't know if IGN was indicating that it was that kind of lag but multiplayer for a game like this is very important, so I can't fathom that they will release it with any serious issues.

FirstknighT5703d ago

"Pity the poor Japanese, where MotorStorm was released as a rush-job, missing one of the most crucial features expected in a racer.

How dare they release a racer without any form of multiplayer whatsoever. Imagine - a PS3 racing title with a clear emphasis on down-and-dirty, car-versus-bike-versus-truck mayhem, and no opportunity to play against a real opponent - split-screen or otherwise. That, friends, is an almost unforgivable blunder"

Looks like I'm not the only one that says this!

Funky Town_TX5703d ago

It is a slap in the face to the Japanese gamers.

GaMr-5703d ago

MotorStorm will be a tight game. Another must buy for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.