Suicide Squad's Struggle Hopefully Marks the End of the Destiny-Style Live Service Fad

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League got delayed out of next month into next year, confirming a rumour now a few weeks old, one that came in the wake of a gameplay showing that generated an awful amount of backlash and negativity from players

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blackblades169d ago

100% doubt it, imo if the game is fun and doesnt force me to buy something i see no problem. Especially when you get free content like levels, expansions etc. Overwatch its fun and never bought anything get free characters and levels. Cod you pay for the game, you pay for the dlc and you do it all over again with the next game.

gangsta_red169d ago

1000% agreed with everything you said

-Foxtrot169d ago

Yeah until Destiny 3...unless they just continue with Destiny 2 support and make a new franchise which is more single player driven with a standard Halo like online.

Lightning77169d ago

It absolutely won't. They didn't delay the game because of the backlash apparently. It was because it wasn't ready. Trust me they're not changing the live service elements at all.

Rock steady wasn't listening to any of the backlash. No I take that back WB and the investors didn't care about the backlash. The base game and live service mechanics stuff is done. Nothing's changing.

Vengeance1138167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

You don't delay a game by 8 months right after being shown to the masses unless it's to address backlash.
Rocksteady obviously would never admit that but it is the case. No game in development ever takes almost a year for polish. Next time we see it, it'll be quite different.

ravens52167d ago

We can ALL agree on something lol

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Christopher150d ago

Redfall is a GAAS game? Kind of just seems like a poor game, not a long-term service game. No seasonal content or cosmetic MTX.

jznrpg150d ago

Subscription spell is breaking. Cheap sub cheap games isn’t what most of us want.


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S2Killinit167d ago

30 fps should not be a thing anymore.