Honkai Star Rail isn't out yet but already has 10 million users

Honkai Star Rail (opens in new tab) isn't even out yet, but it's already clocked up a staggering 10 million users.

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Sonyslave3164d ago

Damn hoyoverse dont miss another ip that going to generate 2 under a year.

GoodGuy09164d ago

Who said turn based is dead? I get it's mostly name/company recognition but still.

phoenixwing162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

After all is said and done hoyo makes decent games and doesn't skimp on the initial outing even if it is f2p. A lesson other f2p should take note of. That's why they get 10 million registered when other f2p crash


Honkai Star Rail Reveals Huohuo as PS5 Version Passes 1 Million Pre-registrations

Today HoYoverse shared a new character who will appear down the line in its popular RPG Honkai: Star Rail, alongside a milestone for the upcoming PS5 port.

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blackblades10h ago

Where's foxtrot? 1 million pre reg sounds good dont it


Preview: Honkai: Star Rail Dev Has Quietly Become a PS5, PS4 Powerhouse | Push Square

Push Square writes: "Obviously, Honkai: Star Rail will release on PS5 this coming 11th October, and is already a gigantic hit on PC and mobile. And then it’s got the urban-flavoured Zenless Zone Zero cooking, which was confirmed for consoles late last week. We went hands-on with both games on the TGS show floor.

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Kaii1d 19h ago

I didn't mind Genshin, I returned every so often to do the free events/games (with a multiplayer aspect).
But I also limit my spending and only spew resources on units that powerhouse at c3/6.

What was annoying In Genshin for me was the amount of dialogue, holy fudgeballs.

SDuck1d 18h ago

Had to quit the game for the amount of dialogue. They go on and on about nothing, often even using words I don't recognize (and I consider myself fluent in english despite being a 2nd language). I would rather have small events with to the point cutscenes over the amount of dialogue they throw at us. That event where the teddy bear from the 4* chinese girl being a God was the last straw for me.

blackblades1d 11h ago (Edited 1d 11h ago )

I stopped playing genshin maybe in Jan its more of long break like I do with normal games. I'll probably get back on it one day I'll have alot to get through. Sucks that i missed the events. Also yeah the dialog and piemon talking to dam much I usually skip through like I dont most games these days.

SDuck1d 18h ago

It's Genshin Impact's dev. I think that says it all.
Even though I quit Genshin and HSR didn't interest me as much as I thought it would, I can't wait for this ZZZ game. Looks awesome and the characters are actually unique instead of being copy pasted designs with preset body builds like the previous games


Fu Xuan Shines in New Honkai: Star Rail Trailer

HoYoverse will soon launch a new gacha in its popular RPG Honkai: Star Rail, which means it's time to meet a new playable character, Fu Xuan.

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