Capcom Quietly Withdraws Ray Tracing From Resident Evil 2 And 3 Remakes

Capcom has quietly removed ray tracing support from Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes and Resident Evil 7 with no official notice or response.

myfathersbastard160d ago

Yeah it wasn’t great. Not terrible, but not great either. I ended up turning it off. Game seemed to look and run a tad bit better without it.

Smellsforfree160d ago

There were a lot of weird artifacts in the floor reflections without RT on. I hardly noticed it, but it is there if you look closely especially around your character.

Dandalandan117160d ago

I've yet to encounter a game wherein ray tracing mattered or was mind-blowing. As of the moment, it's nothing but small details which you would only notice when you look for it but not when you're actually playing the game.

Sm311M3Fart160d ago

The difference it’s noticeable in RE2, haven’t tried RE3 yet. Lightning it’s much better in RT, but the frame rate it’s bad.

Bathyj160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

The best I've seen was in Spider-Man and ratchet and Clank. (I'm not a PC gamer)

I really enjoyed it as I love little details and stopping to notice them, but I would not sacrifice 60 frames a second for Ray tracing. I've only used it when I can have both.

Shane Kim160d ago

Cyberpunk was also good. But the way the frame rate dropped was like, no thank you.

Dandalandan117160d ago

Ratchet is still on my pile of backlogs but hopefully I'll get to play it soon.

Yeah most of us would prefer performance because it's something that you would actually notice during gameplay.

TiredGamer160d ago

I initially played Ratchet with Performance RT + VRR, thinking I was getting this amazing visual upgrade. On a whim, I switched to normal Performance mode (no RT), and I actually liked the screen-space reflections better, and the resolution is higher to boot. RT at this stage of its life is so minimalistic that I prefer the more striking (albeit less accurate) visual punch of old-school SS reflections in the game, as they are actually very well done in their own right.

MIDGETonSTILTS17160d ago

Check out Cyberpunk’s latest patch

Lexreborn2160d ago

Ray tracing is a branded resource hog that gives a shallow reason to overcharge on graphics cards with 0 benefit. Immersion isn’t enhanced most implementations of it and I always turn it off

1nsomniac160d ago

Rubbish. That’s like saying given the choice of watching your favourite film on VHS or hi-def blu-ray. There’s no real benefit to watching the blu-ray.

If you have the correct spec equipment it’s a far superior experience.

Lexreborn2160d ago

Not the same at all; I have a 3080 which easily handles Ray tracing, but it is NOT a transformative experience whatsoever in any game. But, it certainly ranks the performance, going from 120 to 90 and not looking better than before.

I’m just not sold on the function whatsoever

1nsomniac160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

So people can’t really see above the 90’s that’s why screens above 120 are a scam. Hyper sensitive people can potentially see in the low 100’s.

So you’re saying you can play with all the fancy RT bells and whistles maxed out at 90fps. Yet you choose not to because you believe playing with extra frames that you can’t see is preferable and it looks no different with RT…. Hmm something doesn’t sound quite right.

The entire selling point of RT is that it increases immersion. That’s literally it’s root benefit. It makes the scene more lifelike because, well that’s how light works in real life…

Completely agree that it’s a resource hog. And it’s not really appropriate for the most part on current consoles. But for hi spec PC’s it clearly offered a superior experience. To say it doesn’t is just not being honest. Re play your favourite game but turn down your graphics settings to their lowest options and see if you still enjoy the game in the same way. It’s an easy test to prove how graphics themselves improve physical gameplay.

JEECE160d ago

Yep I've seen a few demonstrations where it looks really good running on top end PC hardware, but in practice all it has been for me is a framerate killer.

SullysCigar160d ago

Totally agree. Great for tech demos, generally bad for games, once the performance hit is factored in.

Bobertt160d ago

That's cause most games don't use full raytracing. Portal RTX is one with full raytracing but even a 4090 runs it at like 25fps. Ray tracing just isn't useful for games right now. The performance would be better off going to more assets on screen, destructible physics, or better textures.

Mr Logic160d ago

You haven't seen it in action. Consoles are weak and most of the time it's BS like RTAO, reflections at best. Minecraft path tracing, Metro Exodus, and the new CP2077 Overdrive are the games that demonstrate what can be done.

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Stanjara160d ago

These games don't need it. Screen space reflections are still pretty good.

CobraKai160d ago

Seems like it’s unintentional. Also seems that it’s only pc that’s affected.

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Resident Evil 3 Remake is one of the best RE games, actually

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CrimsonWing693d ago (Edited 3d ago )

It’s a good game, but a terrible Remake.

I would choose the original over this Remake any day of the week. More areas, more enemies, more bosses, choice options, better unlockables, and I could go on and on.

If you go into this Remake as it’s own game and not compare it to what it’s, uh, Remaking, then yea it’s a solid game.

But I do not consider the Remake portion of this game to be “good,” like at all.