Activision Really Wants You to Buy Call of Duty: MW2 & Warzone 2's $30 Battle Pass BlackCell

Activision seems to be really keen on promoting the new premium battle pass for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 named BlackCell.

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I bought Blackcell with my MS Reward points and it's an incredible value IMO. With the way the COD community was simping for Valeria and Alejandro, IW could have easily charged $30 for those skins alone. Instead you're getting 12 skins, 1100 COD points ($10 worth), multiple weapon blueprints, decals, vehicle skins, charms, loading screens, emblems, calling cards etc.

crazyCoconuts162d ago

Personally I don't care about skins and such. I just want to play the game

_SilverHawk_162d ago

It's so funny seeing people gladly paying money for different colour guns and clothes on characters in expensive games when those things should be for free.

bloop162d ago

"......incredible value IMO...."

".....IW could have easily charged $30 for those skins alone."

"......loading screens......"

Loading screens? LOADING SCREENS?!? Jesus Christ, how did we get to a stage where people are saying it's incredible value while paying for loading screens? 🤦🏼‍♂️

DigitallyAfflicted161d ago

People are plain stupid...

I have plenty of abusive and trolling comments for sell, for only $10 each for N4G members!!! Grab the deal while you can...

KyRo162d ago

I still play CoD every season and you are apart of the problem and anyone else who buys it. COD is in a rough state right now but you still throwing money at them. Do you think Activision sees all the negativity regarding the game when they can see people who will still throw money at it then wonder why none of the billion issues get addressed?

What's even funnier that they tried to pull this cash grab when the black and gold camps for characters and weapons were given away for free in Vangaurd.

crazyCoconuts161d ago

Why is COD in a rough state right now? I only play it about once a week but it seems to be a expected. Other than the in your face marketing I guess

CBaoth162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

why does every Xbox fan feel the need to preface EVERY fucking post they make with "thanks to Gamepass I was able to...." or "with my MS rewards points I spent..." We get it. You guys are cheap. You've been conditioned to like hamburger helper over prime rib. But trying to act like MTXs are awesome because it was...free? Really?

EDIT: I guess you're smarter than the average whale Boo Boo (say it like Yogi the Bear)


“You've been conditioned to like hamburger helper over prime rib.”

Yet Jim Ryan has publicly stated that this “hamburger helper” keeps Playstation afloat 🤣🤣🤣

Chevalier161d ago

"Yet Jim Ryan has publicly stated that this “hamburger helper” keeps Playstation afloat"

Just like the dumb idiot who started the thread about Xbox and reward points keeping MS banked on stupidity.

authentic161d ago

Damn they got u by the balls.

just_looken161d ago


I will leave this here its a perfect image


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crazyCoconuts162d ago

With the latest season they really turned up the in game advertising for battle pass. Really trying to make you feel like you're missing out on so much by not buying it. Pretty annoying imo

Silver_ShadoWolf162d ago

To be fair, $30 is the new $15. So you’ll get $15 worth of content. Inflation a *****

shinoff2183162d ago

That just makes it sound worse.

akurtz162d ago

It should’ve been $20. Skin prices are over priced, making this seem like a “good deal”. I’m pretty content with the regular season pass I’ve only payed for once. I also feel like this black cell is targeted towards us too since we only payed $10 and getting every follow up season free if played enough in the two months

MIDGETonSTILTS17162d ago

You are literally paying money for loading screens.

And $30 is a game…. Pavlov is $25 full price.

Hard pass.