Harvey Norman removes 'fake' PlayStation

A fake Playstation 3 (PS3) display at a Harvey Norman outlet has left the retailer red-faced, after pictures of the bodgie setup spread virally across the web. Sitting atop two posters advertising Harvey Norman's PS3 pre-order program was a printed photograph of the console, stuck to the front of an Xbox 360.

A Microsoft spokesman declined to comment, but Sony Australia's Adrian Christie described the Harvey Norman display as "alarming news".

He said Sony had been in contact with Harvey Norman, which confirmed that the display had since been taken down.

"It was sort of an overzealous merchandising mistake, he [the store's proprietor] explained to me," said Christie.

But Christie defended Harvey Norman, explaining that the retailer was in no way attempting to deceive customers.

"The display had been up 24 hours and they were using it as a playback device to show Harvey Norman ads," he said.

"I would have a really big problem if they were in any way deceiving people by pretending that it was PS3 content."

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donscrillinger4887d ago

i read the article and i find it very funny but understandable that this would happened.if you look at the the commercial Sony runs you never really see the games just system ,its dumb .i think the reason is cuz they know the games there self aren't anything new just the look of the system.

SuperSaiyan44887d ago

Remember when the 360 was launched in Australia? They were soo excited with the system they went onto a beach and wrote about XBOX 360 on it in huge letters. They took to the 360 like bees to honey but whats going on here? Instead they are covering up the 360 with a PS3? Then they go ahead and support blu-ray over HD-DVD to me aussies have always been that bit unusual in a funny way I have nothing against them I like them but unless they felt it humerous to make fun of the PS3 by doing what they did I will never know nor understand.

AuburnTiger4887d ago

"It was immediately obvious that the display was a fake."

What??!!! Are you telling me that cardboard image of that PS3 is fake, how in the world did they know??

lilgringo4887d ago

Shh... Quiet!
They're well organized, everywhere and they're listening!

sovietsoldier4887d ago

everyone knows that sony now wants to be like microsoft but i never figuered they would put a wolf in sheeps clothing!

alfredoggy4887d ago

Aussies are so smart!! They have finally found good use for the 360. The 360 makes for a great display holder; genious!.

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