Final Fantasy XIV Has to Face the Reaper Sooner or Later

Final Fantasy XIV is going strong after 10 years, but one must wonder how much longer the critically-acclaimed MMORPG can last.

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Sonic1881161d ago

I can say the same thing about a lot of games 🤔 Why just mention Final Fantasy 🤔

GoodGuy09161d ago

WOW, Warframe, Runescape, Path of Exile are also oldies and still going. Don't see ff14 slowing down.

Name Last Name161d ago

FF14 wrapped up it’s Zodiark saga last year firing on all cylinders. They’re just getting started with the next one.

CrimsonWing69161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Why? Where’s the World of Warcraft article? If anything, FF14 expansions look better than the base game and feel like an advancement. Aren’t they doing a visual upgrade patch as well?

It’ll face the reaper when people slow down support for it. Until then just sit back, grab a coke, and have a smile. I do t get the point of an article like this.

So, many people love FF14 and each expansion I hear is better than the last. Why would a game journalist feel the need to right an article to say eventually the game has to die?

lodossrage161d ago


World of Warcraft is older so why not go for that? Hell, Wow is the one with declining numbers while FF14 is still rising.

Michiel1989160d ago

cause it's been known for 5+ years now that wow is gonna suffer a slow and painful death, we can't make articles about a game now because another game (supposedly) suffers from similar issue?

lodossrage160d ago

But that's the problem,

FF16 ISN'T suffering the same issue. FF16's trajectory is the polar opposite of Wows. I'm trying to figure how they even come to that supposed conclusion when data clearly shows otherwise.

I get what you're saying Michiel, it's just if someone is going to make an article, they should really have their facts straight

Deathdeliverer161d ago

Let’s see…. I played final fantasy 11 for around 3 years. My brother however started on the Xbox 360 and still plays today. It’s that packed on there. Final fantasy 14 vanilla I played from its initial launch on PC. Switched to PS4 when realm reborn started, and played all the way till the 2nd expansion. A few years again. My brother? You gusssed it. Plays it still WITH 11! MMOs only have 3 levels. Dead and searching news to hear about a closure, just scraping by, and thriving. Final Fantasy is definitely in the thriving category. I haven’t SEEN 11 with my eyes since last year, and it was packed then, but me and my brother will be in a PS4 chat and he will be on there.

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shinoff21834d ago

This physical table top game will have a few issues, one they won't make enough and two no physical for the ps4


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