Half-Life 2 To Receive A Path-Tracing Mod Via RTX Remix

Half-Life 2 is set to receive an RTX mod by utilizing NVIDIA's RTX Remix. The mod is currently under development.


Half-Life 2 RTX Is in Development by a Group of Modders, Will Support Ray Tracing, DLSS 3, RTX IO

At Gamescom 2023, NVIDIA announced it has approached a group of modding teams to create Half-Life 2 RTX, a ray traced/DLSS 3 powered remaster.

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RaidenBlack40d ago

Absolutely Incredible!
Nothing less.

Number1TailzFan40d ago

Have to say it does look quite nice. Not a fan of frame generation though but can easily be turned off.

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1nsomniac38d ago

That suit looks amazing. We really do need a proper new valve game. They were front runners on creative innovative technology. That actually made a difference.

Playing HL2 for the first time and witnessing the animation and physics was literally stunning.

Number1TailzFan38d ago

The sad thing is the physics and world interaction are still pretty good today, because hardly any other game bothers in those areas.


Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection Fan Project Currently in Testing

The Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection, a Valve-sanctioned fan project, has been spotted to be in testing through SteamDB activity logs.

Number1TailzFan127d ago

I don't really see much point in this, isn't the current version already updated in some ways vs the original 2004 release? It will look better, but a Source 2 touch up would be much better, maybe it would take too long for a small team. Plus I heard from the S&box devs that they were lucky to get the build of Source 2 that they're now working with.

Maybe Valve isn't so forthcoming when it comes to sharing their engine. Shame because they're taking ages to do much with it themselves. Hopefully Source 2 has room for upgrades in terms of visuals at least, not that it looks bad in the least. It's just a bit disappointing considering they used to be on top when it came to interactivity and graphics.

cthulhucultist126d ago

I believe you are right about the Source 2 engine. Black Mesa remake powered by Source engine, even though third party, was fantastic but it did seem very dated at times.

-Foxtrot127d ago

We should be getting official products from Valve


Most Iconic Armored Suits in Games

GF365: "These are our picks for the most iconic armored suits in games. This article only includes suits from games set in modern times or the future."

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porkChop142d ago

Samus is on the list. Personally I'd swap the Space Marines with either Grey Fox from MGS or the COG armor from Gears of War.

NecrumOddBoy141d ago

You’re right. Hiding at the bottom so I missed it

REDGUM142d ago

There's no Dead Space listed in here, WTF!

Sciurus_vulgaris141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

I’d take the Space Marine power armour off the list due to it not originating in a video game.