Two Years On And Battlefield 2042 Is Finally The Squad Shooter Fans Deserve

Adam from WellPlayed writes about how DICE has managed to turn Battlefield 2042 around into the game it should've been at launch.

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isarai425d ago

No, it's better but still garbage. Everyone is a bullet sponge, the controls feel like something I'd expect from a 2008 free to play title, the levels are bland, oversaturated attachment system making most of them useless,

The entire feel of this game made sense when it was revealed that it was supposed to launch with a mobile cross play version that was cancelled. This game feels like a mobile game

just_looken424d ago

Very true played it few months back the servers are still 48htz it became free for ea access users last year yeat cant hold high player numbers and the amount of cheaters/exploiters is high.

Very common to see 180 plus kills with 1-2 or 0 deaths

Then you got the xbox players using there modded controllers with latency thanks to crossplay

I also love the big streamers of 2042 are defending them selves when they "seem to have 0 recoil"

I can go on and on but belive me and israi the game is out of alpha closed beta and open beta stages so you can now play it like day one battlefield 4 but with less content sound design weapons vehicles worse squad system/ui and 2042 has paid microtransactions.

fuck that was sad to type out "modern gaming"

outsider1624424d ago

I would play bf3 instead, if they brought it to PS5. Rather play that than this.

just_looken424d ago


I play on pc that error is just another day using the app once in awhile i get errors also.

I even got a your pc does not meet spec error on a 3080 12th gen i7 rig lol.

Digital foundry even had issues back in the day also actman.

I would recommend keep trying on off times/days

Rynxie424d ago

How are you guys even playing? I downloaded the PSN version and it keeps giving me the internet error, so I deleted it.

P_Bomb424d ago

Didn’t miss much. I mean, you missed out on getting sniped in the back of the head by a speck on the other side of the map. LOL! But I could live without that.

REDGUM424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

I disagree about the bullet sponge comment as it feels way to fast/COD like to me making there no point in being in a squad at all and most are running around solo gunmen/women from what I feel from the game. Battlefield for me has always been about the teamwork & the need for team play but this game, similarly to B5, feels too mainstream and 'just another shooter' now.
Battlefield Bad Company & Battlefield 4 was where it was at it's peak for me. It's just changed so/too much now and have lost interest entirely. Sad, for me, as Battlefield has always been my go to online shooter till the last 2 entries into the series. If there's no teamwork in these games then I'm out & might as well be playing COD (which is fine I might add) but I played Battlefield for the point of difference as there is none now bar the bigger arena's.
Pretty much forcing us to play crossplay is a no no too. When you turn crossplay off (ps4/5) I can never find a game and forced to turn it on and get pummelled by p.c. players.

Please bring back what made Battlefield good innthe 1st place, teamwork, destruction & most importantly make it fun again! Oh and give us a damn campaign to play please.

jukins424d ago

Gotta play with friends

just_looken424d ago


You need to use more than a few guns alot of the smgs are weak compared to one and last year they started to bring over guns from there past games unchanged a M16 from bf3 does not do well against a m4a3 from 2042.

Then you had that one dmr that was doing 3dmg for 4 months

GoodGuy09425d ago

Go free to play and then maybe I'll give it a try lol

isarai425d ago

I got it "free" on PS+ and still feel like I was scammed

Inverno424d ago

2 years later is around the time people start praising DICE after they've updated a game no one wanted nor liked two years prior enough times to turn it into what it should've been from the beginning. Bring on the next BF game where they make the same mistakes all over again.

just_looken424d ago

Remember they got some Seattle grads from the street making the next title so it will very special now.

The war of starbucks no coffee few muffins but alot of guns this is battlefield caffeine wars.

chobit_A5HL3Y424d ago

if you're reminiscing about bf3/4, i'll just tell you this isn't it lol this game is nowhere near either of those games and never will be. i didn't play this at launch, and just tried it out because it was free on psn, but if this is what people are happy about, then it just goes to show how far dice, and the bf franchise have fallen. it's mediocre at best and if this is considered good, then i would have hated to see what it was like the past 2 years lol it's been almost a decade since dice release an actual good game... i think it's time to accept that they're just not that good anymore.

just_looken424d ago

You forgot that dice you speak of left after the battlefield one disaster development remember battlefield 5 launch with coming soon adds. There are still sections of 5 with coming soon sections.


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poppatron27d ago

Does anyone care at this point? Fingers crossed the next bf is golden, don’t think the franchise could take another epic misfire. Good on them for continuing support for 2143, just too little too late


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-Foxtrot36d ago

Another? ANOTHER?

Is he honestly trying to make out like the last Battlefield was a huge success, not just as a game but as a live service game? I'm sure these guys live in their own echo chambers, they are so far removed from reality or they just like talking out of their arse trying to rewrite history.

Also why say such a tone deaf statement when you know the state of live service games at the minute and how many gamers feel about them. Bigging up the next BF game as live service does not give me any excitement or hype.

LordoftheCritics35d ago

''is building ‘another tremendous LIE service’''


just_looken34d ago

This is nothing too new

They had plans of a universe of live service games

Also these studios made 2042 there is no new massive team its the same team

Well same team minus the seattle boys that were canned

This is all again same news different year but it seems very few remember what happened before covid.

Walalon34d ago

At least they put car freshner trees up their asses to think smelling their own farts smells good at this point to be so out of touch.

RaidenBlack36d ago

Just make another Battlefield 2 ... or BadCompany 3 ... EA