Nintendo Of Europe "Has Decided To Wind Down Operations" In Russia

Update: Will "maintain a minimal presence" in the country.

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just_looken164d ago

Just horrible Russia does not deserve any of this all they did was support rebels in ukraine far back as 2014 that were trying to get rid of the western puppet government.

There was articles not 2 months ago showing putin forcing conscription like it was a new evil thing like hey america grab a history book ffs

Why is the united states not being punished for forcing democracy were every they invade and the 20yrs of spilled blood during the war.

Now united states is in other countries blaring classic rock flying eagles as they bomb away forcing democracy

But Russia invades 2 counties and the civilians are getting punished so screwed up.

We can also go into the NAto crap so many countries under that banner are worse off just look at turky/spain or down the meditraian.

Good luck to all Russia citizens in the NATO vs russia fight over a subject in which has become a American past time.

Lionsguard164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Are you seriously crying over Nintendo leaving Russia over What Russia is doing to the Ukrainians? Jesus Christ.. Rebels? You mean the ones that shot down MH17 and then lied about it? The one where Putin claimed that the airplane had dead bodies on board? The ones that are openly raping, beheading Ukrainians? Abducting children? I'm not even going to get into it with you, don't even @me. You're just so dumb, I don't even want to deal with it. Go sympathize somewhere else or don't it's a free country unless you're in Russia.

just_looken164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

what you describe is what united kingdom /America/ the french any major country has done over time look at a history book.

America is rounding up mexicans who knows what is happening to them in those black sites then you got the torture methods we know little about that was exposed during the 20yr war if you want recent stuff.

But of course you will be mad sense no other country but russia has blood on there hand's and or is evil now right?


Do not forget about stallian oof

Again that is leadership why hurt the citizens like i said America citizens should be punished then for all Americas oversea crimes then.


Phil Spencer Refutes Future Possibility Of Titles Exclusive To Game Pass

Phil Spencer has refuted the possibility of Xbox Game Pass-exclusive games in an interview during his visit to Japan.

DeusFever1d 15h ago

Phil Spencer has refuted a lot of things.

fr0sty7h ago

I do agree with him here, though, it wouldn't make financial sense for them. I would see them just backing out of console hardware entirely before making that decision, which is likely to happen anyway based on Phil's own comments (if we don't get a lot more subscribers by 2027, we're getting out of the gaming market entirely).

Gamepass isn't profitable enough for them to give up the profits made from physical or digital copy purchases. Plus, the developers would not stand for that, they make a lot more on selling a game than they do on putting a game on GP.

MrDead1d 13h ago (Edited 1d 13h ago )

"He said the aim of the Xbox Game Pass is to give players a choice, not take it."

Coming from a company that has taken more from gamers than any other in history of the industry. MS's truly has no respect for the community, which isn't surprising considering it's never had to show any thanks to it's sycophants supporting them no matter how scummy they get.

BeHunted1d 10h ago (Edited 1d 10h ago )

"Coming from a company that has taken more from gamers than any other in history of the industry."

For Clarification, Call of Duty 2 didn't release on PlayStation Platform, it was exclusive to PC/Xbox.

ocelot078h ago

Call of duty 2 big red one was on PS2. Call of duty Declassified was exclusive to playstation?

Santouryuu7h ago(Edited 7h ago)


The key word is 'aim'.
He doesn't say they are going to give players a choice.
There is not a 100% certainty.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 9h ago

Isn't Microsoft shameless already imo?

Vengeance11381d 8h ago

Oh it's for sure coming if MS doesnt get the sub numbers they want. They will force it at all costs, by any means it takes, backlash be damned.

VersusDMC9h ago

I saw that redfall sold 70k at launch on steam...i doubt they would pass up on taking suckers money. And they don't want to pass up on selling 200$+ special editions as well.

5h ago
recoctimocassirnff5h ago

Agreed. ms have proved time and time again what kind of company they are.

Sharky2314h ago

I’m officially done with Microsoft and Xbox. I get exclusives. Every console has them. But when you take away games like elder scrolls which was on ps3 and ps4. Next will be fallout which has been established on all platforms. That’s totally different. If there is a Destiny 3 I promise it will be on Xbox and PC. The way Xbox is operating and the way that Phil talks is two different things. I can’t get behind that.

Godmars2901h ago

Would think GP exclusives would become a thing if it did start getting number MS wants.

Though I suspect they'll start with exclusive DLC vs full games.

Hofstaderman8h ago

And if they do become exclusive and still can't increase their sub numbers?

All eggs in one basket...over two decades of having your ass handed to you makes one desperate.