Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League delayed to February 2, 2024

The official channel tweets: "We have made the tough but necessary decision to take the time needed to work on getting the game to be the best quality experience for players. Thank you to our amazing community for the continued support, patience and understanding. There is much more to share in the months ahead and we look forward to seeing you in the Metropolis next year."

Elda172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

That's an 8 month delay. Sony wasted 15 mins of SOP showing off SS & now it's not being released until next year. Smh.

blackblades172d ago

Sounds like the guy from gematsu who said the same dam thing

Elda172d ago

Some minds think alike..lol.

mkis007172d ago

There is no such thing as "wasting" a state of play...they can literally do them whenever they want. It's not like it was cancelled.

Elda172d ago

Clearly your opinion. They advertised the game as being released this year so in my opinion it was a waste of Sony's time advertising a game that's not going to be released at all in 2023.

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CML2172d ago

I wouldnt call it a waste. Thanks to that presentation, we saw how rough it was looking and spoke up about it. Now they are taking action based on feedback.

darkrider172d ago

It's better to delay a game then to launch with crucial features, just to launch it, like others are doing

Vengeance1138172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

The mass backlash wasn't until after Sony showed the game in that SoP, it clearly got delayed as a direct result of the backlash from that very SoP, without it, it doesn't get delayed. Def not wasted time if it makes them take a good hard look at their game.

just_looken172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

Well with this huge delay lets hope they gut all that live service crap and leave it in a better state than gothem knights.

They could also say the squad got there powers by taking supermans pills those that give power of a kryptoian over a set time limit like you see in the comics. That is how he always gets lois knocked up joke about that in smallville.

I was amazed they did not do this first set it up that batman survived the poison long enough to tell his bat family to get the pills and assemble a team to fight back the league he has plans for that if they ever get compromised Use dc smartest people to make a cure.

But nope more creators making stuff they have 0 knowledge about.

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repsahj171d ago

This is a good thing, they listen to the fans.

Sonic1881171d ago

What I find hilarious and comical is that a few people are blaming Sony for this when this is a third party multiplatform game :)

mcnast171d ago

It it wasn't for that State of Play, Rocksteady would have released a very crappy game. Thank you internet!

shinoff2183171d ago

The devs probably delayed due to the massive backlash and rightfully so. It looked whack. Probably still won't change the online multi-player part but I heard numerous complaints. My opinion the online multi-player is just a waste of the ip, they could've done some real interesting shit with it. They could've just been single player and you would switch characters when you wanted or something akin to the old nes ninja turtles game

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RaidenBlack171d ago

They should split the dev workforce,
team B to polish what's left
and team A to start work on an UE5 powered linear action heavy DC game a la Arkham Asylum style

Sonic1881171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

The two key people at Rocksteady is gone now. One of them was the developer designer of the Batman Series at Rocksteady. So the Arkham Asylum style won't be happening anytime soon or never.

Kaii172d ago

8 Months cannot undo the groundwork.
Ugly looking generic shooter with 2013 mechanics & you've got hero abilities (something that matches the hero's theme) tied to endgame gear instead of being thrown onto their kit.


darkrider172d ago

You are right, we saw that on another game. Maybe a full year of delay is needed again

chobit_A5HL3Y172d ago

hopefully they took the criticisms and are making changes for the better. 8 months is a long time so there's hope it's not gonna be whack af when it finally releases.

crazyCoconuts172d ago

Hopefully the decision makers are realizing you can't easily recover from bad press at launch. Too many good games out there for us to waste time on mediocre stuff.

crazyCoconuts172d ago

Cal force pushed this game out of his release window

Tacoboto172d ago

And Nintendo featured it prominently in the TotK trailer today - as Zelda falling into the black abyss