Microsoft president claims Russian intelligence is trying to "penetrate gaming communities"

Gamesindustry writes: "The president of Microsoft has claimed that his company has identified Russian intelligence and military groups trying to spread information via games communities."

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closed_account164d ago

"I'm the one who penetrates." - Microsoft

VenomUK163d ago

Don’t be so naive as to believe Microsoft’s false claims about our gamer communities being infiltrated! Listen, my N4G comrades; Americaиs make up all kinds of lies about Mоther Яussia.

porkChop163d ago

Bro terrorists literally use video games to communicate. You don't think Russia could or would do the same?

VenomUK163d ago

@PorkChop Judging by the multiple downvotes I think the meaning of my comment was missed!

closed_account163d ago

@VenomUK I appreciated the joke and laughed!

RauLeCreuset163d ago

"Judging by the multiple downvotes I think the meaning of my comment was missed!"

Seems so, but it did provide a good example for why people shouldn't get worked up about down-votes.

JackBNimble163d ago

And American propaganda isn't being force fed through discord or the gaming community?

What the hell do you think this is ?

VenomUK163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

@OtterX That's good!

@JackBNimble Yes.

@RauLeCreuset - I'm definitely not upset by downvotes. But in this case it's an indication that a joke I thought so obvious - wasn't so obvious!

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just_looken163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Lets all not forget ISIS used playstion network years ago and it was leaked that the cia/nsa has been doing this for over a decade.


The fbi also used the playstaion network to bring down a new york street gang

But i know this is sony they do no bad hey n4g.

Every company even discord is watching you now watching what that is up to you

oIMyersIo162d ago

“But i know this is sony they do no bad hey n4g.”

Facts 😂
At least someone else sees it.

just_looken162d ago


Shh we may get spanked/banned again :)

oIMyersIo162d ago


It’s a sad day when you’re not even exaggerating.

They’ve created a little echo chamber in here where there’s fewer actual gamers and more keyboard warrior fanboys who would fold like a deck chair in any real confrontation.

Out of curiosity, I searched N4G up and there’s a slew of posts from sites like Reddit & Gamefaqs of people pointing out this exact fanboy issue. It’s funny too that PS Fanboys are voted the most toxic in several polls. Just enjoy gaming, why is it so difficult for them?

just_looken161d ago


Sony fanboys i call them blindboys now as they remind me of apple supporters

You can find those out there defending apple prices/tactics til there last breath.

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gleepot164d ago

nah this seems par for the course

Christopher164d ago

Not at all crazy. Gaming is just another form of social media in today's age and that's a prime target for information manipulation.

dumahim164d ago

Looking at comments here, it seems likely.

locomorales163d ago

It would be good to bring some intelligence to gaming communities.

just_looken163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Ha i see what you did there i got your pun but you best sell that as a microtransaction or it would not be accepted to the target audience.

Eonjay164d ago

Clearly this is correct. It's not the first time either. They have been doing it since at least 2016.

just_looken163d ago

shhh let those think wargaming is not half owned by putten :)

closed_account164d ago

You get out of here with that Russian propaganda, sir!

Christopher164d ago

I'll tell you where you can fit that backward z block!