A gamer's nightmare: Trials for in-game ads begin

Well, it looks like there's no turning back now.

As it turns out, Valve is starting to test out the use of in-game ads for their titles, and the first guinea pig for this experiment is none other than Counterstrike 1.6. Despite the flurry of protests that the mere mention of in-game advertising tends to generate, many game companies may soon be following Valve's lead.

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Funky Town_TX5711d ago

If it's a billboard or 2 who cares. If this will offset dev cost and keep good games coming I am fine with it. Now if this renders a game unplayable then I have issues with it. I don't care if a see a Blu-ray movie sign in Killzone 2 or a sign for Windows Vista in Halo 3.

bouncybullet5711d ago

rainbow six: vegas has had ads in it for months already.
HBO ads.
Movie ads.
Axe body spray ads.
don't forget that the burger king was in Fight Night 3.

Silver Bull3t5711d ago

I despise this idea. It's only a matter of time 'till even load-out screens are packed with marketing B.S..... and lucky us, we still get to pay the same "next-gen" prices even with the ads. If you want me to swallow the whole advert thing, CUT THE PRICE OF THE GAME!!!

"After all, it generates revenue for game-makers.
Revenue equals more (and better) games."

Yeah, just like taxes generate revenue for the FED.
And this revenue equals more (and better) social services. *COUGH*

"On top of that, there have been promises that the ads will remain discreet and out of the player's way".

LOL! promises eh?... well since you put it that way... :(

OC_MurphysLaw5711d ago

If anything depending on how its done it will ad to the realism of certain games. FNR3 is an example of a game that took it too far with ONE sponsor...but the premise was spot on. Fights are constantly being promoted by advertisors. Think about fights on have that big HBO in the center of the ring. Dodge has been sponsoring lots of events...the scoreboards in the upper corner of our TV screens usually will have a sponsor logo. My only complaint about Fight Night was they were primarily the only ad the BK thing got old after a while.

As for what will come of this....I HAVE ZERO PROBLEMS WITH ADS IF THEY DO TWO THINGS: 1: Don't interfere with the game, i.e. make load times longer to display a logo or cause graphical slowdown because of the number of ads flashing, etc. 2: Give back to the community...i.e. cheaper games and/or as what Discovery did and sponsor download content and make it free (Gears of War). If these two things come to be true then how could anyone complain about ads.

FrostyMelon5711d ago

This doesn't bother me, seeing a billboard or sign within a game makes it seem that much more real.