Could Sony return to the handheld market?

The company has always seen PlayStation systems as part of a hardware ecosystem – but the business case for adding a new handheld to the family does not seem promising.

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Jin_Sakai166d ago

Possible but with remote play or cloud streaming which I 100% don’t care about.

gold_drake165d ago

there have been both reports that it is, and that its not just a remote handheld.

so what it is kn the end ... no clue.

i think a remote only will be a mistake

NovusTerminus166d ago

I don't see them doing it, they are starting to support Steam now and with the Steam Deck, Ayaneo, OnexPlayer, and now the ROG Ally... Why should Sony invest in the market when it's already crowded by very strong players?

blackblades166d ago

That's what I'm saying, people over reacting to this. With them having a vr2 out and all as well. Theres a difference between the two, 1 is a full on handheld device with its own games etc which I doubt will happen and the other is a accessory that only does remote play. Basically a wiiu tablet or backbone. It'll be cheap probably the same cost as the ds edge and for certain people and not mainstream that I can see happen not a full handheld like vita but I doubt anything until officially announced.

EvertonFC166d ago

Exactly, I'm thinking a remote play device or maybe having another go at something like the Xperia play phone

JackBNimble166d ago

I think the bigger question is why would anyone trust Sony after their lack luster support for the vita?

monkey602165d ago

Exactly! I buy every platform Playstation release. I've not got a VR2 yet but I'm itching to get it.
However I'd pass on another handheld playstation because of how they left the Vita to starve

ABizzel1166d ago

Only if it's dedicated to playing their current library of games and does not require dedicated support from their first-party studios. Sony and Nintendo learned it doesn't benefit them with the PSVita and Wii U splitting their teams.

There are only 2 things they can do:

Remote Play
An ARM mobile device with a focus on the Cloud / Remote Play route, with a HUGE improvement to direct-to-device play on the scale of the Wii U and its tablet controller, making gameplay at home anywhere in the house ideal and almost without any lag. The device itself needs should be capable of mobile gaming on the go and directly support PS1, PS2, and some PSN emulation. On the go for PS3, PS4, and PS5 support it will have to rely on 5G and Wifi6, which will work for slower-paced games, but not ideal for anything competitive. The device cost $299 otherwise DoA.

High-End Tablet with PS mode / app for launching dedicated gaming
A tablet that runs AMD's APUs like the 6800u (680m), 16GB of RAM, and 512GB storage, basically making it technologically PS5 grade components (CPU, RAM, SSD), but with a GPU on par with a PS4. It could run PS1, PS2, and PS4 games natively, along with anything ported to the Switch 2 or down even lower from the Series S, and to an extent some PS5 games. PS3 and PS5 will primarily be the same situation as above, needing a HUGE improvement to direct-to-device play for Remote Play, and 5G / Wifi 6 Cloud gaming on the go. The issue with this option is cost as this is easily a $999 device, which is why it would be ideal to sell to mobile carriers to put on installment plans, and why it has to be an Android or Windows tablet that launches into PS mode, instead of being just a PS dedicated device. At this cost it has to be able to do more than play inferior versions of PS5 games.

GoodGuy09166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Nah. Their teams are too focused on big games and live service on ps5/pc. There's no way they'll be able to support another and weaker platform...as CLEAR as how the vita generation was. People and sony themselves neglected the poor fella and the same will happen for a new handheld. Even Nintendo had trouble with the wii u and 3ds when devs and fans much preferred the 3ds.

A remote play and cloud handheld makes most sense for Sony right now. As long as it's priced right.

PC handhelds are completely fine since ya know....all/most PC games are available on these handhelds already lol. Emulators as well ofc.

EvertonFC166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

A remote play device is what I'm thinking this rumour is and nothing more, basically not a dedicated handheld.
Either that or maybe a new version of a Xperia play phone ? Or something similar.

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jznrpg12d ago

Hopefully they release the NA version not too long after or at least offer an English dub version for Asia at launch and I would end up buying both.

Abriael12d ago

There's no English version for Asia.

Seraphim12d ago

considering Falcom doesn't even allow work to start on localization until the game is complete, I don't see this coming stateside "not too long" after release. It's also why we're so behind with Trails. I mean at this point we're a whole 2 games back with Kuro no Kiseki 2 [I believe] having released almost a year ago in JP.

That being said, I can only hope that if NISA is the publisher for NA that they have time set aside in their schedule to get YsX localized and out the door w/in a year. The good news for Ys is at least there isn't a backlog of games already.

isarai12d ago

It's always like a year later unfortunately