Konami Employee Charged with Attempted Murder After Attacking Boss with Fire Extinguisher

There’s never a dull day at Konami it seems – but this story isn’t really a laughing matter. According to Japanese publication Asahi Shimbun Digital, an employee has been charged with attempted murder after attacking his boss with a fire extinguisher, and allegedly hitting him “with the intention of killing him”. The story adds that the attack stems from allegations of workplace harassment lodged by the suspect in 2020, although the details are still developing.

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closed_account163d ago

Holy crap. I know Konami pissed off a lot of us in the past, but no amount of Pachinko machines warrants this kind of behavior. Glad he's ok.

roadkillers162d ago

I highly doubt this has anything to do with Pachinko machines lol

closed_account161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

My apologies, it was a (failed) joke. XD

but seriously, I really am glad the guy is alright!

I hope they give the attacker hard time in prison..... assembling Pachinko machines. 🫣

roadkillers160d ago

^If that was a normal prison sentence, I'm sure no one would attempt murder haha

camel_toad162d ago

Yeh I've gone through so many fire extinguishers and co-workers

Rhythmattic162d ago

im still only at water coolers...... and they can also put a fire out.

DnBSkillZ162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

I guess the worker was about to get fired

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XiNatsuDragnel2d ago

Well I guess my hope is Sony isn't planning the Sam's thing? Because cloud anything isn't exactly my cup of tea tbh.

Christopher1d 6h ago

Microsoft is buying up IPs and eating a ton of costs to push people into it. I really hope people are resistant to an industry change in such a manner. I get it's an option people want, but Microsoft doesn't want to stop there. They want to get rid of hardware. They've said as much multiple times in the last two generations of hardware. I'd go full Steam/GOG before I went into the cloud. It's just not a good way to game, IMHO. Too many elements you can't control and the subscriptions already suffer the issue that video streaming sites suffer where you can't just rely on what you want being there when you want it.

Aloymetal1d 2h ago

I couldn't agree more. 100%!!

Northpoint1d 2h ago

Also, once more games on there, price hikes will follow.

hiroyukisanada1d 2h ago

Yep. They're pushing towards the exact same idea they had for Xbox One launch lol Digital, online-only, subscription model. Remember "power of the cloud?" Cloud hybrid sounds eerily similar, doesn't it?