UK Sales Charts: Strong PS5 Sales Put The Last of Us 2, Gran Turismo 7 Back in the Top 10

he UK seems to be aboard the Sony train right now. Not only has the PS5 been selling extremely well in the country, but some of the company's first-party titles are seeing a big resurgence at physical retail. If you're getting a new PlayStation, you want some games as well, right? Case in point: The Last of Us: Part II and Gran Turismo 7 are now back in the top 10, in fifth and seventh respectively. The two Sony games are joined by God of War Ragnarok in ninth, making this a pretty big week for the platform holder.

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SullysCigar163d ago

Gran Turismo 7 has likely had a boost from PSVR2. Even without that, there's loads of reasons to come back regularly, as they add new cars, tracks, events and that amazing new AI, Sophy.

Every day I look forward to my daily race - I'm totally hooked!

IamTylerDurden1163d ago

Great game without vr as well. Happy to see the sales.

-Mika-162d ago

This gen is going to sony by a good margin. I hope all these acquisitions set MS up for success in the next generation.

darkrider162d ago

Great exclusives have long legs. That's why those are system sellers

EvertonFC162d ago

Maybe new players to playstation having watched tlou HBO series and new motor heads interested in GT7/VR2 ?

SonyStyled162d ago

I wouldn’t say so. Gt games go on to continue selling even years after launch

EvertonFC162d ago

I know that, but I am just saying some of the sales maybe new players to playstation. I was NOT saying all the sales were new players just a certain percent which would be good data for Sony in knowing new players have potentially come across since turning some games into TV.

Vengeance1138162d ago

GT7 should also see a big boost once the movie drops.

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Playing The Last of Us Part II is Much Better Now After Watching The Show

Has HBO's The Last of Us show changed fans' thoughts on Naughty Dog's sequel, The Last of Us Part II? Maybe.

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Snookies123d ago (Edited 3d ago )

"Has HBO's The Last of Us show changed fans' thoughts on Naughty Dog's sequel"

Nope, my thoughts have always been the same. It was a masterpiece when it launched, and it has remained that way ever since. The only real flaw of this game, was the pacing. After hitting Abby's section, it kind of dragged a bit early on. I still maintain that this game was better than the first in just about every way other than pacing.

InUrFoxHole1d 23h ago

I disagree. Thought part 2's story was trash.

CoNn3rB1d 22h ago

I didn't hate the story but I wasn't a fan of how it was told, the switch half way through from Ellie to Abby was a massive momentum killer for me. It's one of those games where it's great to reflect upon and think about the themes but in that moment it's almost like starting over again and that's just not satisfying.

1d 21h ago
ravens521d 22h ago

Great fn game. Great story!

TheKingKratos1d 18h ago

Agreed, one of the best games ever made

anast1d 16h ago (Edited 1d 16h ago )

How many story beats per gameplay hour(s) does it take to have a well paced story?

I hated it when I had to switch to Ellie in Part I, but then I started to like Ellie. The same thing happened to me when I had to switch from Ellie to Abby.

raWfodog1d 14h ago

I also loved Part 2's story. Of course it was not popular with a whole lot of fans, but I enjoyed it as it shook up our expectations. Not many games look at the other side of a story in such a visceral way. The original game made every one fall in love with Joel and Ellie so it was easy to see why many hated the events in the sequel. But I thought it added more to the game world as it showed how 'The Last of Us' refers to more than our favorite dynamic duo.

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isarai3d ago


The game tells the story better than the show imo