Sydney Herald: Blu-ray the Winner

A new article in the Sydney Morning Herald this past weekend, claims Blu-ray is looking like the winner of the next-gen High-Definition disc format war. The article derides the competing HD DVD format, claiming:

""Product delays and lacklustre movie studio support could spell doom for the HD DVD disc format, which is struggling to gain a foothold in the Australian market as rival Blu-ray continues to extend its lead. Not only has the Blu-ray camp managed to secure the exclusive support of five of the eight major movie studios (two of the remaining three studios support both formats), it has also succeeded in being the first to market with stand-alone players, and enjoys wider support from retailers."

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Shadow Flare4891d ago

HD-DVD is going to win because.......

r10004891d ago

I have a ps3 and all but man.... I've been reading these recent reports that are similar. But I just feel it's still to early to be calling winners

Jrocks_4_ever4891d ago

these people know something we dont at the moment....It very well might seem to early for us but to the inside folks they definately know what the deal is with this format war. So I would just go with the flow on this one because noone is hearing or seeing anything that says "HD DVD is the Winner of the Format War"...........Not really seeing any good news or positive progress for hd-dvd.

I definately would like to see bluray win, personally. Not only because i have a ps3, but i know that the games for that system will be endless if/when blueray wins this war. Lots of money/stock will be rewarded for sony and company. This is where i think the slogan, "Playb3yond" is coming from.......When the official victory is claimed for sony, then thats when a whole new realm of games, gadgets and entertainment will the released for ps3 useres...Thats when we will probably be playing b3yond the competition. Because if/when that happens the competition will be obsolete(spell check?).


SuperSaiyan44891d ago

Do you guys know the features HD-DVD has with all its inmovie options? I dont see blu-ray having such features.
Also blu-ray players especially the PS3 doesnt even play a lot of the older and normal CD formats either from what I remember reading.

Also with ALL HD-DVD's they are in VC-1 encoding which is a far superior encoding over MPEG-2 which is on around 90% of blu-ray movies.

Also lastly HD-DVD's are REGION FREE.

Funky Town_TX4891d ago

Blu-ray has PS3. End of story, see you later. Why do you think Blu-ray has more studio support.

Marty83704891d ago (Edited 4891d ago )

Both Blu-ray & HD DVD can use the same codec's eg Mpeg 2/4,VC-1.Blu-ray has the better movie studio support.That's why it's winning.Couple that to the fact that PS3 having Blu-ray is pushing Blu-ray movie ownership throu the roof.

BTW neither Blu-ray or HD DVD are region free(not even PS3 is for movies,games only).

techie4891d ago

Ps3 can play all cd formats.

Blu-ray can utilise VC-1 and they are begining to. The difference isn't as big as you may think.

Those features on HD-dvd's are now being employed by Blu-ray. If Hd-dvd falls then expect the features to rise as they won't own any rights to them.

AuburnTiger4891d ago

X-Men:The Last Stand used Mpeg 4 encoding

ammojoe4891d ago

.. I am not saying that I think one is better than the other but since when has being the better format determined who wins.. Beta-max was better than VHS, Laser-disk better than DVD... IMHO

xbox360migs4891d ago

Actually HD DVD uses IHD for the interactive features which is easier to impliment than Java, this is why blu ray movies do not offer as good interactive experiences as HD DVD at the moment. Plus read the reviews of the films side by side and i'll bet you that HD DVD will come out on top or even in scores, never below.

Here's an interesting but long article (be warned)


Can anyone here realistically say that blu ray had a chance before the PS3 came out, Movie lovers were choosing HD DVD, but now it seems that gamers are changing the tide in favour of blu-ray with their PS3 purchases, time will tell. I still support HD DVD for now as I have more confidence in it as it has a better level of standardization and the best picture quality in movies I have seen so far have been from universal movies.

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EnforcerOfTheTruth4891d ago

As Top Gamer would say "the war is over" ;-)

GaMr-4891d ago (Edited 4891d ago )

Ok you dont like Sony hell you dont even have to like Playstation brand or PS3. But then you take it as far as to not like Its so obvious. Why is it that your typical Playstation Console hater is also your common Blu-Ray format hater. I mean I personally dont favor Xbox360 but I would be a fool to hate windows or anything pro-microsoft. Geez hate is soo infectious. It eventually takes over the brain. Can you imagine so much hate for sony that these people stop buying Bravia,Wega and trinitron TV's or Cybershot Digital Camera's or Home and Car stereos. Hell they will even probably stop using the letter "S" to begin any word. Get over it. Hating is Lame. Blu ray is crushing HD-DVD hate it or love it and when Blu ray takes over. Lets face it even though most of you haters dont want to "It will be smooth sailing for PS3 after that" so yes im rooting for blu-ray. It means my console of choice will get kick arse support and thats something im happy about. Im so glad I dont have to hold on to the pass just so my console doesnt seem obsolite in a couple years. Instead its equipped with "Future Technology". DVD isnt going to make a come back sorry to bust that bubble neither is VGA. VGA is holding grounding but I feel its time is limited. Not to mention I paid 4.99 cents for my HDMI cable on ebay and it works just as good as the 79.99 dollar one. People dont want the public to know. There is no difference in HDMI cable-ing I tested my ebay generic HDMI cable to my friends Monster brand cable he paid $99.99 dollars for plus tax. And we couldnt see a difference running in 1080p.

ammojoe4891d ago

It is sad that some people are consumed with hate. I think that these types are a minority though but they just tend to get more attention.

I also agree fully on the HDMI cable. Its all digital right?? 1's and 0's.. As long as the cable isnt cheaply made it should suffice right? I had 3 of them thrown in with my tv and they seem to do great! They certainly were not monster cable though.

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