AOU 2007: Konami shows Otomedius shmup

Konami's Otomedius, revealed today at Japan's AOU 2007, is the 21st Century successor to legendary 2D shoot 'em up series Gradius and Parodius. Otomedius is said to preserve the spirit of Parodius, which sounds pretty sexy, but it also introduces a brand-new touch-screen feature as well as networked multiplayer modes.

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donscrillinger4887d ago

this would be an nice game to have on the 360 .i think they need more of the old school style 2D shooters with the power of the 360 games like this should be SICK !!

DC RID3R4886d ago


look out for ikaruga(treasure's most reknowned shooter to date) to hit LIVE shortly!!