Resident Evil Village Gameblog review: PSVR 2 does horrible wonders

With this big update, Resident Evil Village is easily positioned as one of the spearheads of PSVR 2.

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SullysCigar175d ago

The detail is genuinely astonishing. It struck me in RE7 on PSVR as well, but with the clarity and performance increase PSVR2 brings, combined with RE Village being a newer game, this is next level stuff, not to be missed.

generic-user-name175d ago

So much fun in VR. I just fought that huge furry guy with the hammer in the cave. Blasted him in the face with 4 magnum rounds, felt badass.

Viljong175d ago

I say its 9/10 also better than the original flat 2d. Horror games and gunplay fit VR like fist in the eye.

Babadook7175d ago

Indeed. I am a bit perplexed how the game could receive such a low score. Its amazing in VR, way better than the flat screen version.

Viljong175d ago

Also coming horror to psvr2 Afterlife April 19th and Surviv3 in near future(allready released on psvr1). There are many great games coming to psvr2. I think psvr2 had better launchwindow lineup than ps5 itself. I own many games and still dont have all i need(yes its like a drug)

-Walking dead saint and sinners part 1 & part 2(beatiful and superb fun)
-Light bridage is addicting i usually start my gaming session with it and quite often i realise i spent all my available time on this
-Re8 village its almoust perfect game in Psvr2 a must have experience
-Horizon coftm must have first experience for show off but more tech demo than fully fleshed game
-No mans sky little weird and slow paced for my taste but feels promising and might turn out great when i have more time for it
-star wars psvr2 enchanted really entertaining and good fun comes with the dlc to double the game time. Very good action game. Rocket darts are addicting little touch
--Creed psvr2 championship edition. Well this one is good. Really fun and intensive to play and you surely get a good workout from this and have great time doing so. I exercise regulary but after this next day i really felt it in my shoulders, arms and upper back muscles. I threw hands very hard then you also have to pull and stop your punches aswell. You really feel like a boxer when you start fresh and happily hit hard af combinations but when you have many training sessions and opponents behind you in the next match you are slowed down. Hand tracking work so perfectly and its really rewarding.

Games i still need:

GT7(would be a dream with logitech G driving set)
Switchback vr
Then there are many i have interest in but not sure like song in a smoke, phistol whip, that puzzle game etc

Im waiting for Afterlife and Surviv3 they are coming soon. For 2023 window there are plenty i dont even start listing but great games are coming.


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ApocalypseShadow2d ago

I'm going to check it. Sci-fi and VR is a good mix.

Babadook71d 12h ago

So I’ve got to choose between this and the Red Matter 1 remake? Tough one.


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