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"Here is our review of High on life, requested by reader Zombie Marley. I am glad that this one was requested because I actually had a really fun time playing it. Check out this not-so-edgy review and decide for yourself if this one is worth playing."

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IamTylerDurden1164d ago

Great humor, garbage gameplay. It is what they said it was. 6.5 imo. For once i agree with Metacritic. Nice visuals as well. However, the basic gameplay mechanics are terrible and repetitive. I nearly finished it but was gassed from the redundant n sub gameplay. I actually thought Trover was funnier.


High on Life comes to PS5 with performance and animation issues that need addressing

Digital Foundry: A bona fide hit on Xbox and PC thanks to a Game Pass debut eight months ago, High on Life has finally arrived for PlayStation consoles: PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5. In this detailed analysis, Oliver Mackenzie presents his views on the game, delivering analysis on every console version of the game - both last-gen and current-gen.

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Jin_Sakai42d ago (Edited 42d ago )


“PS5 pushes ~110% more pixels compared to XSX in quality mode and ~55% more pixels in performance mode currently.“

darthv7241d ago

A patch should fix all that. It did for Series consoles.

Sciurus_vulgaris41d ago

The game’s overall performance and visual quality is better on series X according to the presented analysis. The higher resolution on the PS5 isn’t benefiting the game’s performance.

just_looken41d ago

Wait wait so a game that was designed around direct x and a windows operating system perform better on a console with a windows os/direct x than a system unix system with its own internal game api so shocking i tell yeah /s

jjb198141d ago

The Dude Bros. Booty holes clinch when anyone mentions this. You gotta keep this down.

Wintersun61641d ago

You don't need to mention it's released on PS4 Pro... Otherwise should also add PS4 Slim.

Abear2140d ago

I expect Microsoft exclusives to PlayStation will be made with about the same quality and love as PlayStation releases get on PC.

Charlieboy33340d ago (Edited 40d ago )

It has come.....and it shall go. Like the fart in the wind it is to us, the blessed Playstation Elite.

P_Bomb40d ago

I’m still shocked @ that $79.99 CAD price tag.

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"High On Life" (PS5 / PS4 Edition) Review \\ paulsemel

If you can get past the whole Justin Roiland thing, you'll find this snarky sci-fi first-person shooter is just as fun on PlayStation as it was on Xbox and PC.

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GhostScholar60d ago

The same people mocking it when it came out on Xbox loving it now

Tedakin60d ago

The PS version will score way higher on Metacritic for reasons.

beerhound60d ago

For the record, I gave this version the same score that I gave the Xbox/PC version.

RupeeHoarder60d ago

I don’t see anyone going nuts over this release.

Sonic188160d ago

I know right. Like where are these people at🤔 I don't remember anyone talking about this game when it came out on PC/Xbox and now PS

Profchaos60d ago

Most people won't touch it especially given they expect full RRP for a game that Xbox player got as part of their subscription cost so they already sent the message the game isn't worth buying they welcome subscription services and the PS players should just wait for the inevitable PS plus announcement.

Also tbh games not for me played a bit on gamepass the humor was grating after a while and I like lowbrow humor as much as the next guy but when the jokes don't change after like 2 hours ive had enough

shinoff218360d ago (Edited 60d ago )


Most casuals won't even know this came out on gamepass. Us here do and maybe others online.

ravens5260d ago

I'll get it when it's like $30. It'd be bigger if they added psvr2 support. I watched Hollow play most of it, so not in a rush.

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MrNinosan60d ago

Uhm, can you mention a few who was mocking it on Xbox and now loving it...

GhostScholar60d ago

Yeah I’d you can read go read the Xbox reviews (you know the terrible console with no games) and then go read the PlayStation 5 reviews (you know the console that had all the great exclusives but then promoted Jim Ryan and now the goal is games as service) and you’ll see the difference

EvertonFC60d ago

If you like Rik and Morty buy it or wait for a sale if you don't like Rik and Morty wait for ps plus. It's a pretty simple dicision imo for gamers to make. Same with the Simpsons games if you liked the show or not.
Agree who was mocking it.

Profchaos60d ago

Nope still don't like it has not changed my opinion I played it on gamepass and won't play it on my ps5

GhostScholar60d ago

If you played it on game pass and don’t like it then for sure don’t play it on PlayStation but a lot of the people that are speaking positively about it now slammed it without even playing when it was on Xbox. I don’t like the dumb humor but the game itself was fine

shinoff218360d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Can you show one actual instance of this happening though instead of generalizing. I didn't like the look of it when I could've played it on gamepass and I still don't like the look of it on ps5. I can't see one instance of someone sitting on it and now praising it. It's all in your head dude. There were people trashing the game but they aren't the same ones praising it.

Link me something dude. You can't make outlandish bs claims and not back it up

GhostScholar60d ago

Sorry man I didn’t copy and paste the articles I read or the comments even here so believe me or don’t

MWeaver58960d ago

Confirmation bias is an interesting thing.

Like I can confirm both versions received a score of 8.5, so it isn't like their impression is more or less favorable. A lot of people also forget a lot of games, even those people view negatively, still received decent scores from people. For instance 9/35 of the PC reviews on Metacritic were above 8. And 16/48 on PC were above 8 as well.

It's honestly hurt more from the extremely low scores than anything else. These include seven scores at 4 or lower, which obviously tank the average.

All this being said, I wouldn't be shocked if what they said happened, just not for the reasons they stated. User reviews on Metacritic are at 7.5 and 7.9 respectively. Even if it wasn't beloved by critics, the 1,100+ user reviews are much more favorable. In addition to this, some time passed to patch it and will generally only be covered by people genuinely interested in it.

shinoff218360d ago

Ghostscholar, thank you for showing that your full of it.