Puzzling Places PS VR2 Review | The PlayStation Brahs

The PlayStation Brahs:

"Puzzling Places for PlayStation VR2 still takes the pastime of puzzling and takes the level that it set and raises it with the incorporation of the features and just allows us to escape to a different part of the world and look at things from a different view."

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psplova379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Great game. I was hooked from just trying the demo. Bought it immediately afterwards. Very relaxing game.

mandf379d ago

I'm on my first 400 peice puzzle at 60percent. The detail is crazy

S2Killinit379d ago

Good relaxing VR for those times you need a break (from RE8)

z2g379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

this is what we are spendin' almost $600 to play on our next gen console folks.... and thats why i'm kinda bummed out i bought this headset so early on. i actually have this game. it is nice. its relaxing. its even cool. but.... i would feel better seeking something like this out if i was exhausted from all the nonstep AAA immersion i was hoping for from this headset. the only reason i currently have this game was simply a desire to use my new headset but was running out of things to do on it that i was actually interested in. not hating. I'm actually just kinda bummed. i guess i expected more of a launch.

philm87378d ago

There's a fantastic range of games available at launch. No device/console ever peaks at launch, there's plenty coming up also.


Puzzling Places is Getting Multiplayer Support

Puzzling Places is a unique virtual reality puzzle game that offers a virtual take on the classic jigsaw puzzle. It incorporates stunning 3D scans of real-life objects and places. Like many puzzle games, it gives you a calming and meditative experience.

In a Twitter post, developer realities.io teased Puzzling Places’ new multiplayer functionality using a GIF. The GIF shows a user handing off a puzzle to another user.

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Knushwood Butt344d ago

Sounds fun. Co-op with a remote friend.

SullysCigar344d ago

This game is way more enjoyable than you'd think. It's a really nice chill out game and the puzzles are beautiful. They add more all the time, as well. Co-op will be even better, as you can chill with a friend or family member.


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Puzzling Places Review | The PlayStation Brahs

The PlayStation Brahs:

"Will Developer Realites.io allow us to take the love of puzzles and elevate it to a new level? Let’s find out with Puzzling Places for PlayStation VR.

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