SacriFire Steam Deck Demo Impressions - Lords of Gaming

SacriFire is an upcoming side-scrolling pixel art JRPG styled action game. Here are our impressions of the games backer demo on the Steam Deck!

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shinoff2183442d ago

Had to look up a video thanks website.

I like the look of this. Hopefully there isn't a level cap(looking at you sea of stars) and they just keep it old school when it comes to leveling(looking at you chained echoes). I like that devs are coming out with these old school type of jrpgs but some of these things their doing I just don't understand.

Shit didn't mean to go on like that , back on topic this game looks super dope. I'll be keeping an eye out and it's confirmed for consoles.


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anast5d ago

I bet it looks serviceable.


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