Zune Bug Further Blemishes Microsoft's Consumer Hardware Reputation

If you type "hate Vista" and "Microsoft (MSFT)" into Google, the search engine returns 91,200 results. "Vista Sucks" and "Microsoft" returns 124,000. It's no secret Microsoft's latest operating system offering has its critics. Xbox and Zune owners are far less venomous. Many, in fact, are fiercely loyal to the products that come out of Redmond. This new year, however, the ranks of Zune-faithful may thin by a few.

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buddyro4200d ago

need to turn everything around I know they could do it.

Sony PlayStation 34200d ago

M$ and bad hardware reputation in the same sentence! OMG this can't be! I see pigs flying above my house!

The Lazy One4200d ago

If you type "hate microsoft" or "hate sony" you get around 500-600k hits. That might seem interesting, but you get about the same if you type in "hate mother theresa". You get similar results by doing exact phrase searches for any of those.

I don't get the point of it... Google is designed to give you a lot of results regardless of what you type. The point is that the best/most applicable searches rise to the top.

billez4200d ago

Obama will get very pissed about his zune XD

n4gzz4200d ago

I hate vista (memory hug and full of bugs) but I don't hate microsoft and I like Bill Gate.

OSIRUSSS4200d ago

Hey!!! I like "memory hugs"

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The story is too old to be commented.