Which Resident Evil Game Deserves the Remake Treatment Next?

With two of the best original RE games and three best-in-class remakes over the past six years, it is very safe to say that we are in the midst of a golden age of Resident Evil, leaving everyone wondering which game will be next.

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wiz7191176d ago

I’m playing through it now , and it most definitely needs an update. Like desperate need , that game has the potential to soft lock you in so many ways and so far I feel like it’s the weakest entry in the fixed camera era

Flawlessmic176d ago

Pragmata or some form of a new ip would be nice actually.

The resi remakes are great no doubt about it, but give us some new stuff.

DarXyde176d ago


I'd also like to see RE:0. I actually really liked that game.

bunt-custardly176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

RE 1 with the same style as these other remakes. It would be nice to play the game without the fixed camera angles. RE HD came out 8 years ago believe it or not.


Resident Evil 5 because co-op play might be really nice and I think they could do some nice things (graphically) with the African setting which makes 5 stand-out. 8 and 4 both have very European vibes, Africa would be a neat contrast to these.

DarXyde176d ago

For RE5, I think it needs more than a remake to fit in with the theme of the recent entries.

I would say they need to reimagine it entirely. Lost in Nightmares was great, but the rest of the game is so different (and not in a good way). Personally, I think they leaned in too hard to the day setting to make it clear you're in Africa. Get more night time sections and maybe introduce new mechanics to up the fear. Because you're in Africa and it's sweltering heat, I might recommend introducing a mirage/hallucination mechanic where you have to find water bottles (though they can be a bit scarce). The result? You might see enemies that aren't there or you might shoot your partner. Something to ratchet up the tension, which was sorely missing from RE5.

Just an idea. A great way to set itself apart besides just saying "RE4 as a pure action title". I think something like that stands to inject some much needed personality into the game, much like how MGS titles are so different from each other.

-Foxtrot176d ago

I just don’t know why they would want to do RE5 as co-op again when they’ve finally got back on track

It’s like repeating history and the next thing you know we’ll have another RE6 on our hands

I get it…it was a good co-op game but as a single player RE fan it was awful. Baby sitting Sheva, the AI ruining any form of tension by shooting enemies as they appear so you knew where they were, the countless “work together to open this door” or other co-op centric things littered about

I’d rather they just turn it into a single player game and remake Outbreak for the co-op stuff

Hell even just make it drop in drop out co-op which has no effect on the story

DarXyde176d ago


Though I might be able to forgive all of that if Chris Redfield didn't punch a goddamn boulder.

Yui_Suzumiya175d ago

Yeah I got 5 on launch day and to be honest, that was the only time I played it from start to finish. I have it on my Switch and played some but it just doesn't do it for me, lol. The Lost in Nightmares DLC was pretty cool though.